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The reason why Sales People don’t like follow up!

September 28th, 2009

I have often heard the saying, “Trying to manage Salespeople is like trying to herd a bunch of cats.” That phrase always made me laugh because it’s really true. I have managed many Sales People in my time and they are the hardest to manage because of their independent spirits, curious nature…or so I thought.42-15660112

There is one more item that is a relevant fact that you might want to consider. Sales is the most common field in the corporate world where we find the highest percentage of people with ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder). We call our deficit disorder SADD (Sales Agent Deficit Disorder). About 80% of Sales People are considered to have some sort of degree of SADD. Wow, that’s too big of a number to ignore! Now some may have the traits more or less than others but if such a high percentage of Sales People have this disorder then as a Sales Manager it might be a good thing to study how to better manage someone with SADD or not manage them whichever may be the case.

Here are some of the symptoms of a person with ADHD or SADD
Disorganization, problem with focusing, procrastination, taking on too many projects before finishing others projects, a constant desire for high stimulation and a low threshold for boredom, impatience, impulsiveness, interrupting, problem focusing on one thing and a feeling of not living up to potential. There is also a strong dislike of established channels, routine and being micro-managed.

Now many people will read this and say, “I have those symptoms, I must be SADD” and that very well may be, but again there are varied levels of this disorder. People with SADD are naturally drawn to sales because there is always something new with ample challenge and risk. Sales requires intrinsic motivation and a lot of moving around. To a large extent they can control their own time and find prey, therefore it’s a hunt!

In the world of ADHD the people who have SADD are referred to as “Hunters”, because they are the ones who bring the kill home to the tribe for distribution. The “Hunters” constantly scan the environment, they must be able to juggle multiple things at once, they aren’t afraid of taking risks, they can to switch from one prey to another better prey quickly and they are always aware of other predators in their area. Does this sound like a Sales person to you? » More: The reason why Sales People don’t like follow up!

What’s your biggest Sales Headache right now?

September 26th, 2009

What is it that you find the most challenging today?j0433797

Need Help with the $8,000.00 Housing Tax Credit

September 21st, 2009

With the Dow flirting at 10,000, the auto industry improving and our housing stock/building permit ratio at a 3 year low we can all be thankful that our economy is stabilizing.

The $ 8,000 Federal Tax Credit appears to be doing its job in stimulating demand for housing. The last time a credit of this magnitude was offered was in 1975 and it cured a then record supply of housing.

When housing moves it benefits all of us regardless of what industry we represent – so many related businesses and people that work in them prosper.

On December 1, 2009 the current $ 8,000 Federal Tax Credit incentive expires.

RIGHT NOW Congress is receptive to extending the credit.

Please call this toll free number 1-866-924-6242 and urge you congress representative to extend the credit to all homes of all prices, not just first time buyers.


3 Minutes from everyone = Critical Mass and Leverage!

Thanks for supporting this endeavor!cons house sold

Turn those prospects into buyers, ask the right questions!

September 15th, 2009

From my perspective as a business owner, sales trainer, and consumer, the most important skill to learn is how to effectively qualify your prospect.

The most common mistake sales people make is to immediately launch into a product presentation or “pitch” when they first meet their prospect. They extol the virtues of what they sell and tell the prospective buyer how good, fast, reliable, inexpensive or easy to use their product is. They talk, talk, and talk hoping they’ll convince the buyer that their product or service is of value. They talk instead of asking questions and listening.

The problem with this approach is that the “pitch” seldom addresses the wants and needs of the buyer. Because their needs have not been addressed, there is no compelling reason for them to consider buying your product. j0433797

One of the most effective ways to do this is to ask a few well thought-out questions to uncover what is important to the prospect. Here’s How!

People aren’t interested in what you have to sell, they are interested in what they need or want. The only way you will find out what they need or want is to question them, then sell them what they want! It’s easy!

Here is a tip…When structuring your questions use subjects that revolve around peace of mind, dissatisfaction, desired outcome, children, careers, commuting, quality, price, location, passion, motives, desires, fears, family, community, are just a few to use.

Gear the questions like these examples for maximum results.
What do you look for…?
What have you found…?
What makes you choose…?
What has been your experience…?
What is the one thing you would improve…
What is the deciding factors when…?
What would you change about…?

Now that I have given you some tools, Please share your favorite question that you have created to ask prospects, that gets you alot of information from that prospect!

Cashing in on our Economic Recovery!

September 8th, 2009

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of hearing about how bad the economy is.  In fact, I’m excited about the Economic Recovery that is happening right now at this very moment.

Haven’t heard about it yet? Perhaps you’re listening to the wrong news stations, hanging around with the naysayers or still looking for excuses to wait to act instead of acting now. Regardless, the economy IS turning around and the Top Producing Sales People are talking it up, driving the enthusiasm and writing more and more deals because of it. How about you?

Are you still:
Listening to the negative news in the morning and arriving at work defeated before you even pick up the phone?42-16942706

Convinced that the economy has to fully recover before you can make your sales goals?

Siding with your prospects when they tell you this is not the time to buy?

If so, then it’s no wonder you’re not picking up on the signs of the economic recovery that is taking place right now.  Here are 5 things you can start doing today to take advantedge of the fact the economy is turning around.

1) Look for evidence of Economic Recovery and talk it up. Again, it’s there if you look for it. Most news programs (print, radio and the internet) report bad news because it sells. However, there are plenty of sources that report the good news as well. Find them, read them and have them ready, then spread the word.

2) Ask your prospects and clients for the Good News. It’s hard to turn somebody’s attitude around, but one way to counter your prospect’s negativity is to ask them for the good news. There always is some if you’ll just help them find it. Try this; “I totally understand __________. You know I heard some good news about the economic turnaround.” (Tell them what you’ve heard and then say:) “What good news have you heard?” » More: Cashing in on our Economic Recovery!

No Sales People, No Sales!

September 4th, 2009

Salespeople are the center of your business. Not much can happen without them. Too often, especially during tough market conditions, business owners fail to see the value of their sales force. I know from personal experience owning my own business, you may have the phone and the internet but unless you have my passion behind those things, selling my goods, the sale just doesn’t come through to the prospect. Your sales force drives your passion and the direction of your company. Company leadership must realize how the sales force impacts their business in a positive way and make sure to nurture that sales force.42-15660112
As I work with salespeople and business owners around the country, I hear the same messages. The owners are saying “I’m paying my salespeople too much.” And the salespeople are saying “I am not getting any support, respect, or resources to help me succeed.”
Most business owners have never tried to sell and if they have, they know that, Sales is hard work especially for someone who is not a “hunter”. Hunters thrive on pursuing new business, talking to absolutely anyone, knowing their product in detail and using their sales skills to acquaint and capture the sale. They also have an innate sense of telling the difference between good prey and better prey and what all the competition is doing around them. And Yes, Hunters enjoy the close, reap in the rewards and want to get acknowledged for it.
Now how many people do you know enjoy doing the traits listed above for a living, especially when their pay is commissioned and hard to count on each month? That’s why you should pay them well and always provide them with support, respect, training and praise when the job is done well. Great Sales People deserve this. » More: No Sales People, No Sales!

Sales People are the key to SALES!

September 2nd, 2009

Why do you think some Companies and some Managers forget the fact that their Sales People are the key to Sales and are the touch point to Prospects and Customers?key

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