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What motivates you?

January 28th, 2010

As a Sales Professional, what motivates you most?

Takeaways from the Las Vegas IBS International Builder Show

January 28th, 2010

I returned from the International Builder Show in Las Vegas last Sunday, had a great week. Here are some takeaways from speakers there.

Melinda Brody

“You are either a Rock Star Agent or a Lounge Lizard”

J Van Rose Jr.

“In the 1980’s salespeople had to be great at finance. The 1990’s required salespeople to create value and from 2000 – 2005, after 9/11, we needed to build trust,” said Rose.

“Beginning in 2006 the best salespeople are the one’s that can solve their prospects problems better than anyone else.

Tom Richey commented on what type of training salespeople should be focusing on…

“Today’s salespeople are asking too few questions at the wrong time. Learning which questions to ask and when to do it is paramount.

Brian Flook commented on how it’s more important to have quality names in your database vs. quantity. “150 prospects is a great size list.”

This reminds me of a quote from another trainer…

“When you’re following up with a lead and you can’t remember who they are- they don’t remember you either.”

Set a goal to build a list of 100 Qualified leads and make sure you know everything about them and they know everything about you and your company.

Mike Lyon had 4 great ideas…

On how fast to follow up with e-leads…”5 minutes or less. Try to get back to them when they’re still on your website.”

Mike also commented on what percent of e-leads are viable, “80% won’t do anything so don’t get frustrated.”

On how long to follow up with leads…”Most salespeople don’t follow up for more than 1 month. Most buyers won’t buy for at least 3 months. Make sure you have a dedicated 12 week follow-up program.”

On social media…”Focus your social media efforts towards Realtors. Most of them are already using social media and will follow you or become a fan.”


Which brings me to my words of wisdom from last week. “Create Urgency in your Your Self.” It’s a relevant article for today’s sales people. Check it out this week in case you missed it.

Creating Urgency in Your Self

January 17th, 2010

By Shirleen Von Hoffmann President of Homebuilders AdvantEdge Copyright 2010

At Homebuilders AdvantEdge, we do a lot of Secret Shopping all over the nation. I consider the Secret Shopping aspect of my company my very own pulse of the market. I love doing secret shops myself, whenever I can, because it keeps me in touch with what the Agents are doing ribht and not doing at all. From a training aspect it keeps me in tune to what training the Agents need. Right now what I see most and my new mantra for the year is,”Creating Urgency in Your Self”. The most prominent issue we are seeing is that there is no Urgency in the Sales Teams.worried about the future

You see many articles about creating urgency in the client. But how about starting at the source and Creating some Urgency in You?

7 tips to help Create Urgency in Your Self

Goals and Aspirations
Come up with goals you want to achieve for the year not only for your community but for your life and career. Really take the time to do this and don’t forget to spell out the action steps it will take to achieve these goals and aspirations. Make sure to calendar the action steps on your calendar to make sure they get done. Make a promise to yourself to fill each minute of every day doing something to achieve your goals and more sales.

Evaluate Your Self
Sit yourself down and have a reality check with yourself. Are you a positive person? Do people want to be around your energy? How good are you at what you do, are you the best? How hungry are you, are you constantly striving to make the sale doing whatever it takes? Are you really trying every day and giving your job your absolute ALL? Are you stagnant or thriving? When was the last time you took a class or perfected a skill you were weak at? When was the last time you did something out of your comfort circle? Are you doing something new and different each day to sell more homes? Are you doing things you didn’t consider to be in your job description before? » More: Creating Urgency in Your Self


January 14th, 2010

42-15532885Did you do them for the New Year?
If so, how did you do them? How detailed were they?

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