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Where is your piece of the Pie?

June 21st, 2010

For those of you, who have been in the business 5 or more years, you are now dealing with a very different market than in 2005.   In 2005 your average weekly traffic was on average, 100 visitors. In 2010 your weekly traffic is 10 on average. That is a huge drop. If you were to visualize it in a pie chart it would look something like this.

Your Pie
Therefore, my question is this; what are you doing different now to capture your sales considering your pie has shrunken so dramatically?  Have you changed your selling skills and tactics? Are you spending time with and following up on your ten visitors relentlessly?  Are you smart marketing?

If you were an expert shooter, trying to shoot the center of these targets you would definitely have to hone your skills to hit the small target. That is what you have to do as a Sales Person. You have to hone your skills in this market to be better at what you do, because you have 1/10 of the prospects you had in 2004. How are you going to get your piece of the pie? What will you do?



Your Time
Talking about time, the time you have on your hands
Should have changed dramatically as well.

You could reverse these circles when you
Are talking about time, because without
the number of prospects visiting, it should
have freed of loads of time for you. Use that
time to strategize, follow up, market, hone your skills
and by all means get to know everything
about the prospects that are visiting.

In this market, how will you get your piece of the pie?

•Maximizing your time

•Maximizing your sales skills and training

•Maximizing your prospects, really spending time and building rapport

•Maximizing your follow up and smart marketing

Have you appreciated your Sales People lately?

June 16th, 2010

Tell us how?

Ready, Set, Action!

June 12th, 2010

By Shirleen Von Hoffmann President and Sales Coach for HomeBuilders AdvantEdge Copyright 2010

When I get orders for video shops, I often wonder how they are being used. So many clients use video as a “fear factor” holding it over the Sales Agents head that they have been shopped or may be shopped. The shops ends up becoming a dreaded, event that EVERY Sales Agent hates.

How do I look?
My favorite aspect of shops is to give the Sales Person an opportunity to see how they come across through the eyes of the client. If they can observe their sales presentation in an open and easy environment, they can make the decision to replace weaknesses with strengths. As with anything, if people want to change, they have to decide that fact on their own and implement the change in their routine. Film helps them do this. I find that Sales People are much harder on themselves when viewing themselves on film, than anyone else could ever be.

There’s power in numbers
The more you shop, the more the Sales Person sees themselves and the more they become accustom to shops and using them for improvement. When you have multiple shops, done in sequence, (which I believe is necessary) you really get to see if you have an ongoing problem or a onetime mishap. You also get to see if your Agents have a Sales routine that they are following on a regular basis. Are they greeting, getting follow up information, asking great questions, trial closing, closing and finding a reason to follow up, EVERY TIME?

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