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Confessions of a Happy Sales Person!

August 29th, 2010

By Shirleen Von Hoffmann,President & Sales Coach for HomeBuilders AdvantEdge & Creating VIP’s Copyright 2009

There are so many great things about being in Sales; I don’t know where to start. One of the most inspirational things to me about being in “Sales” is that I am in control of my destiny. I am Self Employed.

Don’t get me wrong, many of you out there may work for major corporations but if you are “Sales Employed” you are “Self Employed”, even while working for a company.

If all those “Non-Sales” folks out there in the work place knew what great jobs we have, they would be beating down the door to grab up all the Sales Jobs. Glad they don’t know and we won’t tell them all the reasons why we love Sales so much.

Here’s 30 Reasons Why;
1. I own my own Sales Company.
2. I am in charge of my own office.
3. I am the Office Staff.
4. I am the Receptionist of my Office.
5. I am the Clerical Person of my office.
6. I control the Overtime, how much and when it is needed.
7. I am in charge of my increases in pay, I say how much I will make this year.
8. I am in charge of my day to day routine.
9. I say when I go to lunch or if I have a lunch.
10. I say when it’s quitting time!
11. I am able to perform under pressure and abuse, but no one is harder on me than myself.
12. I control the amount of hours I work and can flex them around my personal life.
13. I am in charge of the Sales Department. I am a Sales Manager.
14. I am in charge of the direction of the Market.
15. I am my Marketing Manager
16. I am the Public Relations Department.
17. I am in charge of my Training Department.
18. I am in charge of my Motivation Department.
19. I am the direct contact to “The Customer” and know all about “Customer Handling”.
20. I am the Customer Experience!
21. I am a People Manager; it’s my business to know everything about our clients.
22. I am my own travel manager and can travel the world if needed.
23. I am a hunter and get to express that talent daily.
24. I am out and about, never being in one place too long.
25. I can spot quality prey amongst a crowd and can direct my energies on that prey, until it’s mine.
26. I get paid to find interesting people to chat and hang out with.
27. I set and achieve all of my goals and the goals of my employer, ME.
28. I am in charge of the “Top Producer Awards”.
29. I love hearing the phrase, “Job well done”, so I say it often to myself.
30. Without me, my skills and my participation, there would be no employer. I love that!

With all that being said, next time you think about complaining about the market, not making enough money, not feeling very motivated, remember, YOU are the only one in charge of your destiny. It’s as simple as changing up your habits and getting busy doing whatever you are complaining about. I still love the phrase, “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten.”

Get busy and Happy Sales!

Have you got your top 10?

August 29th, 2010

You see quite a few people each week.

It’s hard to keep up with who’s coming and who’s going but, “Do you have your top ten list of prospects this week?”  You should because these are you customers next week!  Your top ten should get the majority of your attention.

Do you know who your top ten are?

Your Top Ten should include at least 7 prospects and 3 Realtors.  Find meaningful reasons to follow up with your Top Ten.  Make sure you tell them you will follow up with this or follow up with that,  while they are present, then make sure you do it.  Make great notes about them, right away so you can follow up with meaningful subject matter.

Here’s a few examples;

You have a couple who love your home but are concerned with the schools, they have a gifted child, who plays piano, but is really gifted in tennis as well.

  • You call right away and thank them for coming in, knowing this is the right home for them.  I will follow up with a few things about this community that will help you make your decision to purchase here.
  • You follow up with a handwritten note and attach a list of private schools which specialize in the arts, in your area.
  • You email the tennis teams, clubs and private instruction in your area.
  • You follow up with another note of the music studios nearby.
  • And so on…

You have a elderly couple looking to relocate near their children.  They love golf and RV travel.

  • You call right away to let them know you are looking forward to having them be a part of your wonderful community.  You know they will fit right in.
  • You follow up with a handwritten note talking about your gated community and the security it provides.  You include a list of golf courses and memberships available in your area.
  • You follow up with an email showing them the RV groups in your area.
  • You call to offer a private showing after hours for their family to come and see your product once they get off work.
  • And so on…

Great Sales People are true Hunters.  True Hunters have the capability of knowing which prey is the good prey and which prey is a waste of time.  Think about hunting among a huge group of prey. You have to run and think quicker than your prey.  You have to be able to  zero in on the good prey and pursue them until you have them sitting before you, writing a contract.

Your top ten should get your top attention, when it comes to follow up.

  • Quality, smart follow up, via hand written notes with meaningful content that applies to each.
  • Meaningful Phone calls
  • Emails with compelling content
  • Realtor Office Visits
  • Realtor Lunches
  • Private client viewings after hours

Remember each week your Top Ten will change, grow and refine.  Make sure to stay on top of this way of thinking and you will stand out among your competition and be a Top Producer!

Always remember people don’t really care about what you have to sell.  People care about what they want and need.  It’s your job to figure out what they want and need and sell it to them!

Happy Sales!

Dress your way to Success!

August 23rd, 2010

By Shirleen Von Hoffmann President and Sales Coach HomeBuilders AdvantEdge Copyright 2010

Just a reminder to you on how important it is that you dress for success at all times. What I see most in the sales field is bad hair, people not taking the time to prepare themselves in the morning, no make up, outfits not appropriate for real estate, sometimes to tight and too casual.

Why? Here are three good reasons…
1. Because you are a professional, you must appear as one You are helping people make their biggest purchase of their lifetimes. In a good market you make more than some doctors and most lawyers. You must look sharp as they do, all the time.
2. Because you must appear as the expert in Real Estate and dressing for success helps to convince the prospects you are an expert and a successful one at that. It also gives you confidence!
3. Because most Managers are very sensitive about this topic and ask me to talk about it.

• You don’t have to spend a bundle to look good. Heck I don’t care if you wear the same outfit everyday as long as it looks clean and professional.
• Business jacket that fits well, Not to small and not too big, long or short sleeves. If you jacket is slightly tight, don’t button it, leave it open.
• Nice blouse
• Pants, skirt or dress. (skirts and dresses being at the knee or longer)
• Hair is important. It needs to have a style, be styled and put together. Longer hair needs to be off the shoulders. Pull it up in a bun (not using a big clip) or pull it back in a professional ponytail.
• Light Make Up and perfume
• Nice Earrings-Diamond studs or pearls are best.(if you can’t afford real-they make such good fakes you can’t tell)
• Simple-Necklace (pearls preferred)
• Nice Watch
• Nice Shoes or pumps (clean and polished)
• Manicured nails

• You don’t have to spend a bundle to look good. Heck I don’t care if you wear the same outfit everyday as long as it looks clean and professional. » More: Dress your way to Success!

Builder Tool Kit for 2010

August 17th, 2010

All Great ideas start from the top and move downward. Here is a list of Builder Tools to help you through this market!

Happy Sales…By Shirleen Von Hoffmann copyright 2009©

Builder Tool Kit

1. Create Powerful Partnerships within your community, local government, Realtors, vendors and your employees. Utilize those relationships whenever you can for marketing and advertising and to achieve your goals.
2. Create and Hire only powerful, well trained Agents who have the “go the extra mile” attitude and extraordinary sales skills to sell in this market. You deserve a “Dream Team” working for you, this market demands it.
3. Create a great website with your inventory, pricing, options, coops and buyer build a home features. Market your website to your prospects, to realtors and every change you get.
4. Create a great name and reputation and protect and promote your brand at all costs.
5. Cherish and market to your past clients, they are warm leads and your best referral source. You should have at least one person in the office designated to marketing your past buyers.
6. Do everything possible to make an impression on prospects coming in. Welcome them, Warm them and WOW them, so they remember your homes and community over all the rest.
7. Take a hard look at your models. Are they fresh? Some models are tired due to the length of time we have projects now. Call in your decorator, spruce them up if needed. Sometimes if models have been around for awhile you can re-brand them to freshen them up.
8. Do all of your floorplans work for this market? If not, build one that does. Have it close by your other models so can be viewed as a remote model.
9. Save costs by redesigning interiors of models and cutting out options that were once included.
10. Be a leader in your marketing and advertising. Blogs, podcasts, video, chatrooms, audio video postcards, remote radio broadcasts, social networks, community websites, intranet, text messaging, webinars, you need spaces on my space, facebook and all other “free” spaces or social websites where you can advertise your communities.
11. Always ‘leave your mark” in your communities. People like doing business with socially conscious companies. Make sure your Sales Team knows what you do to make this world a better place, so they can brag about you to their prospects. » More: Builder Tool Kit for 2010

With Prices and rates at an all time low, NOW is the time to buy!

August 6th, 2010


Courtesy of Big Builder Magazine

WASHINGTON – Mortgage rates dropped to the lowest level in decades for the sixth time in seven weeks, offering the most attractive opportunity for those who qualify to refinance or purchase a home.

Government-controlled mortgage buyer Freddie Mac said Thursday that the average rate for 30-year fixed loans this week was 4.49 percent, down from 4.54 percent last week. That’s the lowest since Freddie Mac began tracking rates in 1971.

The average rate on the 15-year fixed loan dropped to 3.95 percent, down from 4 percent last week and the lowest on record.

Rates have fallen since spring as investors seek the safety of U.S. Treasury bonds. That has lowered the yield on Treasurys. Mortgage rates tend to track those yields.

The last time home loan rates were lower was during the 1950s, when most mortgages lasted just 20 or 25 years.

Low rates have sparked some activity in the weak housing market, but not a massive boom in refinancing.

Applications to refinance loans increased 1.3 percent and those to purchase homes increased 1.5 percent, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Nevertheless, high unemployment, slow job growth and tight credit have made it difficult for many to purchase homes. The housing industry received a boost this spring when the government offered homebuying tax credits, but housing activity has plummeted since they expired in April.

The number of buyers who signed contracts to purchase homes plunged in June to the lowest level on records dating back to 2001, according to the National Association of Realtors.

To calculate the national average, Freddie Mac collects mortgage rates on Monday through Wednesday of each week from lenders around the country. Rates often fluctuate significantly, even within a given day.

Rates on five-year adjustable-rate mortgages averaged 3.63 percent, down from 3.76 percent a week earlier. Rates on one-year adjustable-rate mortgages fell to an average of 3.55 percent from 3.64 percent.

The rates do not include add-on fees known as points. One point is equal to 1 percent of the total loan amount. The nationwide fee for loans in Freddie Mac’s survey averaged 0.7 a point for all loans.

Utilize this article for your prospects… Copy it and hand it out.

What are your favorite 3 closing statements?

August 4th, 2010

I will tell you mine if you tell me yours…

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