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Agent six pack for Recession Selling

May 29th, 2011

By Shirleen Von Hoffmann
President & Sales Coach of Homebuilders AdvantEdge®

Okay we all know the current economic situation is challenging at best. But rather than letting it drag you down, turn your attitude around and look at the possibility that with every market change there are some people who are making extra ordinary sales so the questions is, is that YOU? With the right skills and attitude, you can be successful, even in a recession!

There are 3 basic approaches that companies will take in a recession:
• Be aggressive, jump in and grab market share while the going is good.
• Stay the course and be positioned to grow when the economy recovers.
• Stop all marketing and sales training and wait until the market turns around.

As Individuals we can also take these three approaches:
• Work smarter and with determination, doing everything we can to find buyers.
• Work hard or a little harder than you have been, with no real plan.
• Be worried, depressed & full of the recession blues with no plan to find a sale.

Here is a six pack of ideas that will not only help you through a recession but make you thrive when others are still complaining about no sales.

1. Work Hard
2. Work Smart
3. Work on your Attitude
4. Work on your Sales Skills
5. Work on your Questioning
6. Work on your Closing and Follow Up

1. Work Hard:
There is no substitute for perseverance. When you show up each day, have a plan and list of things you want to get done. Dive in and work hard until you achieve your goals for the day. Then tomorrow, do it all over again. You will not be successful just to show up and hang out until someone walks through the door. You must show up with a plan of attack. If you were driving to a new location you wouldn’t just take off, without a map would you? You would never reach your goal point. Have goals and list the many things you will do to achieve your goals. Remember the saying, if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got.

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There is no Fairy God Mother…Just YOU!

May 14th, 2011

By Shirleen Von Hoffmann President and Sales Coach of Home Builders Edge Copyright 2011

I had a dear friend and Sales Agent call to talk about all of the negative articles recently out and how damaging it was to the traffic coming in the door. She started to go on about the market and I stopped her and said, “Yes that may be true for others but not for you.”  My comment  stopped her in her tracks.   We then got on the subject of keeping uplifted and how hard that is for Sales People right now with all of the negative talk around us every day.  You are all alone in the field and how easy it is to get sucked into the negative talk.

So let me remind you of this one thing. There is no fairy god Mother at work that waves a magic wand and makes your attitude better and sales appear. There is only YOU! You are your only motivator. You are in charge of the attitude department. And since you are in charge of the money department as well; I suggest you control what you listen to, read and let into your head. You are in control of all of it.

By focusing on bad news, you bring bad news to the table. What ever you give your attention to is what will be in your world. Not to mention the mind game you play with yourself.
Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want. So don’t worry about negative things. Worry about how you are going to find time to write your two sales for the week! But don’t worry, give it thought, get excited about it and make it happen!

Here’s a twelve tips to help…
1. Listen to motivational CD’s on your way to work.
2. If you are around people who are going on about the negative in the market…tune them out.
3. Change your home internet page to reflect only news you want to hear.
4. Do not read newspapers.
5. Do not listen to the news.
6. Spend your time, marketing for new business.
7. Spend your time, follow up with prospects.
8. Spend your time, making goals and plan how you will spend all of the money you are going to earn.
9. Spend your time with positive, influential people who can help you achieve your goals.
10. Come to work with set goals to achieve each day.
11. Come to work with a attitude and knowing of getting two sales for the day.
12. Each day, when you shower, imagine showering off the previous days energy and starting with a fresh attitude!

You can either listen to the naysayers and have that become your world or you can make a conscious decision to be the one who is getting the sales. Because there are sales being made in this market, it’s just a matter if you are the one making them.

Sometimes we can be are our own worst enemy. And since there is no Fairy God Mothers waiting for you at work, I guess it’s up to you to MAKE THE MAGIC!

Happy Sales!

How many prospects buy on the first visit?

May 6th, 2011
by Scott Stroud, Builder Radio

* Only 2% buy on the first contact, but 2% BUY on the first contact!
* 3% buy on the second contact
* 5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact
* 10% are made on the 4th contact
* 80% of sales are closed on the 5th – 12th contacts.

Now, contrast these statistics with the fact that:

87% of all leads are never pursued
48% of all leads that are pursued are dropped after the first contact!
Up to 63% of the all leads eventually buy (from someone who followed up!)

Pretty amazing results isn’t it.  I know one of my biggest accounts took six years of follow up before they signed on…Who said follow up doesn’t pay off?

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