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Just do it!

July 30th, 2011

Vince Lombardi said that the winner is the one who is willing to get out on the field and play the game.

Whatever your life is asking you to do, get out on the field of your life today and play full out.

You will find that right in this day are some miracles just waiting to happen.

Are you Asking the Right Questions

July 29th, 2011

We have been working with Agents in the field lately on Asking the right questions.

At the moment we are focusing on asking the right questions upfront. The reason I want you asking the right questions upfront is to save you time, energy and to make your presentation as efficient as possible.

I want you to think about everything you say to a prospect and how you say it, why you say it and what information the question gives you back.

So when you say, “What area are you coming from?” you have a reason you ask that question.  It gives you certain information that may take your presentation one way or another.  Thus saving you time.

Try this exercise:

On a pad of paper list out 5 things you want to know right away from a prospect to determine which direction you will go with them.

Now working backwards, list five questions you would need to ask to get the answers you just wrote down.

Make sure to ask them in a way that gets your prospect talking.

Here is an example…

I want to know if they are qualified by a lender before I spend time with them.

Here is a question to achieve that:

How you spoken with a lender to determine your buying power or how much of a home you are qualified for?

While reviewing shops and coaching I see alot of Agents working hard but not necessarily smart. I think by using this technique you may save 30 minutes give or take with a prospect walking around showing them something they don’t want or need.  Asking the right questions gets you to where you want to be with a prospect quicker, so you can focus your energy on listening, closing and writing them!  The point is, find out what they need, then sell it to them!

Happy Sales!

Are you Committed?

July 29th, 2011

WH Murray climbed mountains and said, “Until one is committed there is hesitancy, a chance pull back and always ineffectiveness. Once one is definitely committed then providence moves too.”

Once you make a decision to get well, eat healthier,to be the best in your field, once you make a decision to really commit to anything, you are fully supported.

Where there is hesitancy, doubt or fear in your life, you have ineffectiveness.

Go ahead, commit to what you want, it’s your’s for the taking!!

Love it or Leave it!

July 23rd, 2011

See if you can catch yourself complaining in either speech, thought about a situation you find yourself in, what other people say or do and make the correction. When you spend time complaining it starts a entire series of negative thought patterns that are detrimental to your sales success. No matter what, you are your own sales guru and have to find a way to keep yourself up.

I hear a lot of Sales People complaining about their particular situations, jobs, bosses, co workers, the market…you name it. To counter thoughts like this you might think, I am lucky to have a job in a market where jobs are so hard to come by or valuing the positive things about your company or by looking at people in a way that brings out what they do best.  By taking another perspective, you can change the negative charge to a positive!

Either leave the situation, change the situation, mind your own business or accept it and put a positive spin on it. All else is madness. Today, shift every complaining thought or words and either accept the situation, change it or leave it.

Are you aiming high enough?

July 21st, 2011

The greatest danger for us is not that our aim is too high and miss it, but that our aim is actually too low and we reach it. We set a goal we think we can achieve, based history; not on what could happen today. Today all you desire is there waiting for you. All of us deserves our desires. So what if you stretch for the sun and you hit the moon -at least you are reaching!

Why do you do what you do?

July 21st, 2011

Tony robbins on Why do you do what you do and how can you do it better.

Such a great video and such great a question to ask yourself?  Why?

Stats from PCBC – Pacific Coast Builder Conference

July 14th, 2011

I attended PCBC last week and thought you might be interested in some of the current statistics that were discussed.  I know a lot of these statistics will be my focus for training and coaching.

Marketing in 2011-NAHB stats

Where buyers look…

  • 90% internet
  • 40% paper
  • 26% Magazine
  • 8% TV
  • 6% Billboard and signs

Buyer -1st step taken…

  • 47% online
  • 18% Realtor
  • 3% Paper

Marketing budget should be- 1% cost per sale.


Your most important model now is your Website, it should be staffed as your model is staffed and taken as seriously.  The visitors should be responded to in 3 minutes.  The internet Sales Rep should have very specific goals and steps for the online process and hand off to the onsite Agent.  If you are not tracking your web traffic you are guessing and missing an opportunity.

ü  When hunting online, 85% of people won’t click past the first page.

ü  The Online sales process is how to get them in the door from the internet.

ü  The Onsite sales process is how to close them once you have them in the door.

ü  Every builder should have both and have specific expectations of both Agents.

ü  Home shoppers-90% Use the internet first.

ü  Online visitors 1%-3% submit requests.

ü  20-25% schedule appointments, with proper follow up criteria.

ü  30-35% of those appointments will write with proper hand off and follow up.

ü  You must closely track your website visits and know what pages they are visiting including finance pages.

ü   You must respond within 3 minutes of the request or you will lose them.

ü  Handoff from online to onsite is critical.  With internet agent following up with onsite agent to make sure appointment shows up, if not call is made and appointment is rescheduled.  Both Agents working in unison for the sale and getting paid on the sale.

Actual Builder Statistics

There were two Builders presented who shared their numbers from the internet. They take their internet, website and internet Agents very seriously.  Here is what they quoted as their internet numbers…Impressive.

Numbers from one of them looked something like this.

  • 11,306 Visit Site for Month of May 2011
  • 226        Leads obtained and appointments set
  • 71          Appointments kept
  • 18          Sales Made or 25%

Out of 261 communities shopped in 2011…Agents followed up like this

  • 56%       Responded in some way
  • 44%       No email
  • 68%       No call
  • 3%         Send two emails
  • 3%         Made one phone call
  • 48%       Never followed up at all.
  • 10%       Make more than 3 follow up contacts in any way.

Out of 10,000 communities shopped in 2010:

  • 89%       Never got a card.
  • 87%       Never issued a close.

Follow UP…People buy like this in 2011…

  • 2%         Buy on 1st touch
  • 3%         Buy on 2nd touch
  • 5 %        Buy on 3rd touch
  • 10%       Buy on 4th touch
  • 80%       Buy on the 5th – 12th touch.

Follow up is your first customer services test.

If you follow up in five minutes or less you are almost guaranteed that prospects loyalty.

30 minutes pass, odds decrease by 100 times.

Moral of the story; If you pay 1% to a marketing budget to drive traffic, then you better figure out how to follow up with that traffic so your money is not wasted. Follow up and making the Sales Agents see the value of the prospect walking through the door is my focus right now. If 80% buy on the 5-12th touch and 89% of Agents never got a card, there is no follow up and no sale.  By the way I will be speaking at the International Builder Show in Orlando in Feb of 2012.  My subject will be 100 ways to maximize the traffic you do have.  I will share that program with you, once I develop it.  I will be loaded with great tips!

Happy Sales…Shirleen.

Happy 4th!

July 4th, 2011

Happy Fourth of July! Today is the day we honor and celebrate the independence of the United States of America. Let’s go down to our core values today. Let’s go beyond all the diversity, aldivision, and all the different opinions and bring forth an energy of appreciation. We bring appreciation for everyone who has stood up for the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We bring a new valuing of the sovereignty, the dignity, and the valuing of every person we encounter.

It’s also a great time to have a mid year check up with yourself and make sure your attitude, new year goals, and fireworks are all going along as you planned in the beginning of the year.  ARE YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO BE RIGHT NOW?  Self realization is what independence is all about!  Happy 4th…

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