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What do you Expect?

October 20th, 2011

SWAT-Sales Warriors Awaiting Training is a division of HBE that instills the basic skills to be great and blow away your competition.

Today we would like to start at the beginning and give you a SWAT tidbit to grow on each month.

I was with a friend the other day and she likes to go to the casinos and gamble.  I asked her if she had been winning lately and she said, “Well if I can just take home, what I bring, I am happy.”  I then said, really, if you set such low expectations, why bother going and wasting your time in a smoke filled casino?  She said, “Because it’s FUN!”  And I said, “But wouldn’t it be more fun, if you came home with MORE than you went with?”  I mean isn’t it just as easy to say, I am going to come home with more than to say I am going to come home with the same?  And you do realize that if you set that intention that will most likely be your result, right?

Which brings me to my point today.  The expectations we are setting for ourselves… are they enough?  Heck are you even setting any?  Do we operate on auto pilot and go with the flow or are we challenging ourselves to take the next step, to see the bigger picture, to be out of the box, to think bigger than average?

Isn’t it just as easy to say and set the intention of being a winner as being average?  Towing the line is just so dang boring and goes so unnoticed!

Wouldn’t it feel good to set your own goals instead of having your Sales Manager do it for you?

Wouldn’t it feel great to hear your Sales Manager say, “We need two from you this month” and you say, “Well my plan is to give you five…one a week plus one for the gipper.”  Believe me, by setting that intention, you would automatically start the process of making that happen.  Your energy alone would start responding to your brain state and statement.

But it all starts with YOUR expectations of yourself.  Your expectations of your work.  Your expectations of anything you find FUN or important.

So let’s start this week by setting some reachable, higher, expectations that YOU set.  Just this one step, this one change, will make a huge difference in your world.  You will stop being okay with the complacent and mediocre and start stepping out, over and above the rest.  You will wake up and show up, with a plan!

Plant the seed and watch how differently your week turns out…then your month.  Check back and tell me if you experienced different things that took place in your world when you did this one step!

I look forward to hearing about your success stories.

We make hundreds of decisions every day.
Today, remember that these decisions become the markers by which our life is guided.  Let us each make decisions and choices that lead to our highest goals and our highest potential. What is the most light-providing and life-giving choice we can make for our lives every moment this day?  Choose that.  Choose your dreams with each decision.  Why not?

Happy Sales

WSJ Says Now is the Time to Buy!

October 19th, 2011

U.S. house prices have plunged by nearly a third since 2006, and homeownership rates are falling at the fastest pace since the Great Depression.

The good news? Two key measures now suggest it’s an excellent time to buy a house, either to live in for the long term or for investment income (but not for a quick flip). First, the nation’s ratio of house prices to yearly rents is nearly restored to its prebubble average. Second, when mortgage rates are taken into consideration, houses are the most affordable they have been in decades.

Two of the silliest mantras during the real-estate bubble were that a house is the best investment you will ever make and that a renter “throws money down the drain.” Whether buying is a better deal than renting isn’t a stagnant fact but a changing condition that depends on the relationship between prices and rents, the cost of financing and other factors.

But the math is turning in buyers’ favor. Stock-oriented folks can think of a house’s price/rent ratio as akin to a stock’s price/earnings ratio, in that it compares the cost of an asset with the money the asset is capable of generating. For investors, a lower ratio suggests more income for the price. For prospective homeowners, a lower ratio makes owning more attractive than renting, all else equal.

Nationwide, the ratio of home prices to yearly rents is 11.3, down from 18.5 at the peak of the bubble, according to Moody’s Analytics. The average from 1989 to 2003 was about 10, so valuations aren’t quite back to normal.

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What are you thinking?

October 17th, 2011

Although thought are invisible we all know they exist –as real as electricity, light, heat, water, or even stone.

We are surrounded by a vast ocean of thoughts. Our thoughts pass like currents of electricity or tiny streaks of light. It’s just as easy for us to think around the globe, as it is to think across the room. It takes no more energy to dream a big dream, than it does to think puny ideas.

Think thoughts the size of the success you would like to have and live in that success everyday.

Watering the seeds of your ideas

October 15th, 2011

Warren Buffett has spoken of what is called the “Law of Gestation:” The amount of time required from seed to whatever the seed is going to be –Such as if there is an amount of time required for an acorn to become a mighty oak tree. There is an amount of time required for each thing.

He said that there is an amount of time required for and idea to flourish. People start something and give up on the idea or project before it comes to fruition. They pull up the roots looking for the fruit when the seeds hadn’t even been given time to grow into a fruit tree.

If you’ve planted some seeds which are new thought or ideas, give it some time. Water them, dig deep, nurture it and let your ideas become your results

Rent vs Buy

October 14th, 2011

By Catherine Rampell

For years my colleague David Leonhardt has been helping people calculate whether it makes more sense to rent or buy a home, based on the relative costs of each decision. This week, the economists at Capital Economics noticed an interesting phenomenon related to this tradeoff. For the first time in three decades, the median monthly mortgage payment is about the same as the median rental payment:

Of course, this chart is a little bit misleading because it excludes many of the upfront expenses of buying a home, like a down payment and closing costs. Perhaps more important, not everyone has the option to buy.

Credit conditions are still significantly tighter than they were a few years ago, despite the Federal Reserve’s efforts to loosen credit markets. Many lenders now require a credit score of 700 as opposed to 650, the previous standard. Capital Economics estimates that that requirement alone has shut 13 million households out of the mortgage market.

Never Doubt yourself…

October 14th, 2011

Doubts are like little parasites that work their way in our minds. When we entertain our doubts and fears they can become powerful. We can deny our doubts and turn our attention to our faith and knowing what is true. Today, let’s practice starving our fears and feeding our faith. We go forth in the direction of our dreams and know that life is calling us forward and urging us to be and do all that we dream.

October 14th, 2011

The 10 keys of a Millionaire Real Estate Professional

October 12th, 2011

  1. Prospect Generation
  2. Prospect Maximization
  3. Product Availability
  4. Great Financing
  5. Great Rates
  6. Contracts Written
  7. Contracts Closed
  8. Great Systems
  9. Great Support
  10. Great Training

Personal ownership of all of the above…

Great Advice from a great leader…

October 12th, 2011

Your Sweet Smile

October 11th, 2011

Of course we all have our own profession, but no matter your profession and especially in Sales, Smiling is part of creating a sense of welcome and community.  It creates a sense of harmony with oneself, family, the world and the universe is to stay in a sweet smile.  It isn’t a smile that you just paste on your face, but a smile that genuinely is one of sweetness and appreciation for life.

It’s your smile that says, you are welcome here, you are accepted here and we are happy you are here!  So remind yourself throughout the day to wear a BIG smile.

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