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Growing Buyers:What to do with those Reg Cards

March 12th, 2013

This is the third article in my topic of growing buyers.  I am going over some easy, inexpensive and sometimes obvious ways to grow buyers organically instead of paying the big bucks in marketing dollars over and over to drive traffic.

One of the biggest things I see is such a waste it sometimes makes me ill.  Here’s the scenario…I am sure you are familiar with it.

Builder spends money to build models, furnish them, have grand openings, market, advertise, every week, radio, newspaper, online anything to bring those bodies through the door.  And the bodies come.

Once these precious, costly prospects who want to buy the largest purchase of their life walk in the door…

  • The Builder has a sub-standard registration card that never gathers the really good information, for amazing follow up.
  • Or the Agent may make some notes on this sub-standard card but little ones in the corners. Really?
  • Or the Agent hands it over to the prospect to fill out, instead of filling it out themselves to gather the really good information about the prospect, for amazing follow up, but doesn’t get anything more than a name and number.
  • Or the Agent never gets a card filled out at all.
  • Or the card only has a name and phone number…usually the phone number is fake.
  • Or even if some fairly good data is gathered and IF the Agent follows up, it is usually only for a few times by phone or email and they give up.
  • Or even if follow up occurs, it’s not personal and amazing; it’s from a generated email…something typical thanking them for the visit.  Let’s face it, we all get this kind of stuff and delete it or throw it in the garbage.

Now I don’t mean to sound negative but this is the honest truth.  I know this because of the shops my company performs; we see how rarely follow up occurs and when it does how impersonal it is.

My point is, these little cards are gold and should be treated that way.  They are the result of all of the builders marketing and advertising efforts.  When that client walks away, all you have it that card with the information on it.  That’s it!  It’s that’s simple.

  • So we must first make sure we have a registration card that fits the bill.  It must include all of the things the client wants and needs in a home as well as in their lifestyles so we can make the experience of buying your home stand out from the rest, personal and amazing.
  • It must have all of these questions laid out so the Agent can quickly and easily check boxes to remember these details as they learn them.
  • There must be a definitive follow up process set up by the Manager and monitored by the Manager to assure these little pieces of gold are being worked over and over, to grow the buyer.
  • I believe Builders should also have someone in the main office who works these cards from a corporate level on a consistent basis, not only to create an amazing data base but to represent the company from a corporate stand point of view.  If that person’s follow up efforts, throughout the year sold one or two homes it would be worth it.  Internet Agents can be good Agents to work cards, since they are used to utilizing databases.
  •  The goal would be to have the Agent touch them on the personal and the corporation to touch them on the broader spectrum.
  • And last, don’t think just because you have a CRM system your bases are covered on touching customers.  CRM systems are not personal and rarely give the personal touch you that goes such a long way.  Secondly, some CRM systems are difficult to use and Agents don’t do well with difficult.  So make it easy to use and make it personal to the client.

When you know what it costs to walk a prospect in the door, let’s say it’s $250.00, then you can measure the value in dollars of that little piece of gold, called the Registration Card and demonstrate that to your Sales Teams over and over so they realize that value every time they see a prospect walk in the door.

These are simple, inexpensive idea to help generate buyers out of your traffic and to be memorable to your clients!

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