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Contemplating IPADS for your Sales Team

April 4th, 2013

The other night we had dinner at a small Italian restaurant in my neighborhood that seats about 250 people.  It is a small business that focuses on great food and wine.  On each table the owner now has an IPAD where you can scan the hundreds of bottles of wine as well as the menu.  This small business made the investment in 50 or so IPAD’s in order to facilitate the habits and needs of their customers.

Just a few years back, IPAD’s and tablets were foreign to Real Estate Agents and builders.  Many didn’t realize the huge opportunity that lie ahead in the future for changing the way an Agent does a presentation, follow up and business.  Even now, when I show a Builder the amazing opportunity that can be provided by having these little pads in their Agent’s hands, many don’t want to invest the dollars to provide them.

The purpose of this article is to cover some of the reasons why Agents should have IPAD’s and some of the things to pay attention to when purchasing them.

Understanding the Amazing Value

I do a seminar that covers 35 or so IPAD apps that are essential to real estate agents.  Most of which are real game changers.  Every day apps are being created that will change our lives.  Many real estate IPAD apps are much more efficient than going on your PC.  For instance Zip Realty, Zillow, Google Earth, Redfin,  as examples are all more efficient on an IPAD than on a normal PC.

When you can pull up something while you are in the field with your client, it’s very powerful.  During my IPAD training series I upload all of the builders handout items, via PDF, on the Agent’s IPAD’s so that the Agent can not only email the PDF’s of the floorplans, site maps, site plans, CC& R’s,  builder story and community facts to clients but they can pull them up while out on site.  This saves big money in brochure costs, time and resources.  It also gets you an opportunity and permission to obtain a real email from the prospect, thus starting the follow up process.

I love tying the client to the lot by using the IPAD to take photos or video of them on their lot or their favorite floorplan and emailing them directly with the photos or video before they arrive home.  I love utilizing apps that can send video emails and important things in the building process like floors going in, roofs going on, granite counters and cabinets being installed.  All things customers get excited about and want to share with their friends and family on Facebook and other social media sites.

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