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Wishing you a wonderful Fall Season!

October 28th, 2013

I am trying to stay in the moment, enjoy fall and the changing of seasons.  I just hate it when Christmas is being pushed down our throats by retailers in September and Halloween isn’t even over, nor thanksgiving. Remember it ‘s all in the name of profit, so don’t fall into the trap by rushing and not enjoying each day and season we are given! I love this quote though…

Do not allow outside forces to tell you how to be. Ready yourself for each stage of your life and only move ahead when you feel the time is right. Live in this day and this moment and be present. Show your appreciation for each season and don’t let outside forces tell you how or where you should be. Your timing may be different, but the result will be marvelous all the same. Next, align with your personal life. Have photos nearby of yourself and others as you enjoy this time of year. For example, if it is fall where you live, consider gathering acorns, colorful leaves, seeds, and photos of friends, family, and others doing things that are done now. Place these items where you can frequently see them and reflect with gratitude for the experiences provided. This serves the purpose of keeping you grounded in the now, and also promotes gratitude for what currently exists in your life.”

Have a spooktacular week!

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