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Consultive Selling

March 20th, 2014

My primary selling method that I share with my Clients is relationship selling.  Consultative selling fits  like a glove inside relationship selling methodologies because through consultative selling you develop relationships.  Once you build relationships, everything is easier…trust, rapport, negotiations, closing, follow up and referrals.

There are many top-notch consultative sales methodologies available from which to choose. Each methodology has an approach that may appeal more to one company and its sales force than another. Here are some reasons why Consultative selling appeals to most of my clients…

The whole idea behind consultative selling is to become the trust consult.  The trusted advisor, gaining clients for life.

A sales professional needs to gain an in-depth understanding of the prospective buyer’s unique situation and environment as it relates to the product or service being sold.

  •   In Consultative selling it’s asking great questions, providing solutions…

By selling consultatively, the sales professional needs to develop skills that demonstrate business acumen, and as a result, the prospect may view him or her more as a business consultant, trusted advisor, or partner and less as a vendor.

  • This step is done well when the Sales Person can have enough knowledge in all facets of their business to be “an expert”, “the one stop shop”, who has all of the answers, confidence and knowledge the customer is looking for and attracted to.

The sales professional must demonstrate how the proposed solution will meet or exceed the buyer’s needs, objectives, and goals.

  • Again this will only work if your Sales Person is asking great questions, listening,discovering needs, then providing solutions to those needs.  Discover the problem…provide the solution.

Selling consultatively builds a long-term, higher-margin, and mutually beneficial partnership between the buyer and seller.  Once you have developed your consultative selling position with a client then caring for this relationship over time will maximize your efforts with this client for future buys and referrals.

Consultative selling is more demanding in that it requires the seller to understand the buyer’s issues, pains, and goals, doing more consultative actions like follow up for long periods of time. However, in the long run, this method overall brings about a long term relationship which results in much higher sales conversion rates, a bigger breadth of sales options and more value to your long term sales effort.

Preparing for the Downside

March 8th, 2014

One of my hero’s Richard Branson said recently his best advice came from his Head Master at college when he dropped out.  He told him, “You’ll either go to jail or become a millionaire”.   Richard knew at that point which it would be and that statement just pushed him that much more towards his destiny.  In his mind and heart, he knew his calling and he had prepared for the downside of starting a new business as an entrepreneur and leaving school.

When I was 20 years old, I made a leap from being on a salary, processing home loans to becoming a Loan Officer and going completely on commission. I was single, with only my income to support myself and scared to death. I saved six months, worth of bills and made the leap. I prepared for the downside. Fortunately for me there never was one and I never looked back. Not once.

As a Sales Person I believe you must prepare all of the time, for all kinds of things…presentations, time, meetings and you must also prepare for the downside of things. All aspects in business can have a downside, so just be ready for it. When you prepare, it gives you confidence and focus. The worry doesn’t play into your strategy anymore. Worry inhibits your success.

You want to make a transition, you want to try something new, it may be you want to work with Home Builders and you never have. My advice; prepare for the downside and go for it. It may take 6 months or a year to transition your business but if know that in advance and prepare financially, it releases you to enter into your desire with all of your forward thinking energy. There is none of the financial worry that can occur, that will actually hold you back from your dream, when you prepare for the downside.

In other words before you get ready to jump, make sure you have the rope anchored well, that will give you the confidence to jump in with all of your heart. No worries about falling will inhibit your success or the journey because after all, it should be fun to jump.

Take the jump! Happy Selling


By Shirleen Von Hoffmann aka The Queen of Sales® ©Copyright 2014 all rights reserved.

What do YOU stand for?

March 5th, 2014

What do you stand for?

How will people remember you and call you again and again?

Very much like a builder who wants his homes to stand out from all of the rest, a Loan Officer or Sales Person needs to as well.  As I said in my last blog post, once you get them in front of you, you better have something compelling to say.

I always enter a relationship with the intention that I am giving something of value to the person I am in the relationship with.  As a Loan Officer, I wanted to give them the best possible financial assistance I could and have them walk away better than before they entered my office.  I would take a look at their budget and move things around to make it different and better than before they met me. I would give them a list of financial to do’s to make their plan work…payoff this debt, refinance this car and so on.  I would get excited and feel good from saving my clients $600.00 or more, a month, with my knowledge.  I still have friends (clients) who say some of the advice I gave them was the best advice they ever got.  That’s making a difference!  It is also making a client for life! And it’s what I stand for and who I am about.  I never treat people in a way I wouldn’t want to be treated nor gain from their ignorance to my business and with my pricing

I believe what goes around comes around and doing good business and always choosing the right thing brings you an abundance of good business.

Give some thought to who you are to your client and how you want to come across. Is it a one-time transaction or are you looking for clients for life.

How can you make a difference in someone’s life?  How can you use your knowledge and expertise to help someone who doesn’t know what you know? Because when the focus is on them, their family, monthly budget and best interests, products and pricing take a back seat.

Happy Selling!

Breaking through the Prospect Door

March 1st, 2014

Your Prospects are out there, but they’re hiding behind voicemail and executive  gatekeepers. Sometimes it’s very tough to crack through the code and get an appointment. It can take weeks, months and many times years. But you can do it.

When you finally get in front of your Prospect, you better be good at asking questions, have something interesting or compelling to say. That’s why it’s important to know who you are, what you stand for and be able seek needs and provide solutions in nano seconds.


Here’s a proven plan for those very important Prospect Meetings.

L Learn as much as you can in advance about your client. I Initiate a preliminary sales plan in your mind by what you’ve learned.

S Seek Ask great questions, script the questions in advance, be quiet and wait for answers.

T Talk Let the client tell you what they need, keep your talking to 20% of the meeting.

E Engage the client in conversation that is genuine and stays focused on them and their needs

N Notes take detailed notes about the needs, wants and likes of your prospect. Follow up Gold!

U Utilize your value prop and energy to make them remember you. Leave them with interest.

P Plan for a follow up meeting to unveil your Sales Plan.

Listen up! Your prospect wants to be heard and understood. It takes a few skills to be the best, Listening and engaging are two of the most important things you can do in a meeting. It’s that simple.

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