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Staff Influence through the Spoken Word

April 2nd, 2014

“Be careful of what you say, because your mind is listening” is one of my favorite sayings.  I am very conscious of what comes out of my mouth when it comes to positive and negative statements.  You will never hear me say I am stressed out nor that I am unhappy.  If it crosses my mind, I is nano seconds before I push it away and I never say it out loud. What I do say outloud is all the things I want and the positive things I see in life.  I know and believe that once the spoken word is said; the mind or sub conscious mind hears it, and you own it.  Once you own it, your mind, body, spirit and attitude carry it along. 

Leaders can influence those they lead, by what they say and how they say it.  You can either have a positive, fun, get the job done staff or a fearful, negative, never can do staff, it just depends on YOU, your leadership and your spoken word.  It influences them one way or another. We have all seen in in different companies, the staff is a direct reflection of the President and Managers.  It all drips downhill.

Let’s say for instance we get really busy as a company…and everyone starts panicking about service levels and shortages, you can feel it.  You look at the reports and start speaking in a frightened way; “We are busier than ever before, we have never been this busy.  We are hiring as fast as we can in the meantime we have to buckle down and get this stuff through the system!”  You can feel the fear, lack and panic in that statement.  There is no appreciation for the business in this negative example the business sounds like a burden.  Then guess what, your staff will treat it like a burden instead of a blessing.

Now let’s switch it around to make it positive.  That statement might sound like;

“I am excited to announce, we are busier than ever before, our biggest month, it’s so exciting.  It’s been years and finally we have achieved our goals?  We are so blessed to have this business; we all have jobs and are thriving. You all deserve a big round of applause for your efforts. Let’s buckle down, organize ourselves and our systems to move this business, like you all know how to do and knock it out of the park. Let’s enjoy our largest month ever !”

There is a huge difference in these two statements and a huge difference in how we and our staffs react to the same situation.  Both coming from our spoken word.  One is lack and appreciation and the other is abundance and gratefulness.

Remember these words before you speak and really think about how to influence others, in a good way, with your spoken word.  It’s an amazing transformation tool and a reason people stay dedicated to the same Boss and the same organizations for years. It’s also how you maximize production from the staff that you have.  You can never be successful hiring when the business shows up, you must always be prepared to handle the busy months with the people you have and the systems you have in place to handle it.

Once you make this a practice, it will not only show up in your personal life but to every one you speak to; clients, friends, family and everyday encounters.  You will be a magnet of positive energy, others will be attracted to.  Give it a try and see the difference!

Happy Sales!

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