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Join me at the International Builder Show

January 14th, 2015

Please join Christopher Brown MIRM and me on January 20th from 3:00 PM to 4PM in the state of the art, Tech Hub Unit at the International Builder Show in Las Vegas next week.The Tech Hub will have a special look and additional audience-presenter question/response technology to enrich the attendee learning experience.


We will be blowing your mind on amazing ways to utilize tablet/phone technology on the Sales Floor and some cool new things coming in the near future from galaxy not far away!


See you in Vegas.  Yeah!DSCN21763cff95a6-a63e-49bd-a96f-627e159ac124

Your Blueprint for the New Year

January 1st, 2015

Shirleen Von Hoffmann, Sales Coach and President of Homebuilders Edge and Sales Team Coaches Copyright 2015


I find that many times the Business Owner comes up with a business plan and goals for the New Year and those goals filter throughout Managers and the organization.  I also know that many times Sales People don’t have their own plan.  Many times Sales People leave their futures to the law of odds and the law of the market.  As if they can’t have an impact on the sales.  One of my Sales People told me, “I wait and see what goals my Manager sets for me and then I do my best to reach those goals.”  I would dare to say this is a typical response to goal setting in the sales world.

As you think about your current state and compare it to your desired state, are you where you want to be?  If not, I will make a bet you didn’t plan it out that way.  You probably didn’t plan at all.  Well one thing I know for sure it that if builders didn’t have plans and blueprints they couldn’t build houses.  So how can you build your tomorrow with no plan in place?

Your Blueprint for success…it doesn’t happen by accident.

Let’s talk about a plan, a blueprint for success.  I want you to think about a few things for the New Year.Vision-BoardExport-600x480

  • First we need an overall vision of what topics you want to focus               (VISION)
  • Then you want to define the vison and set some goals                                      (GOALS)
  • Determine how you want to feel about the listed topics of your life          (FEELINGS)
  • Determine why you want these things in your life?                                            (WHY’S)
  • Your Map? Planning for it in your calendar and life                                         (EXECUTION)

What are some of the things you need in your Blueprint for success?

In a blueprint of a community, you have at least three major components, a community map, subdivision lots then a floor plan for the lot.  We are giving you ten goal setting steps as major components in your blueprint for success.


  1. Develop a vision board for the 6 areas of life:

Make it big, make it small, just make it…use pictures around the goals, make it fun, it’s magic!

Family and Home                 Financial and Career

Spiritual  & Learning           Physical and Health

Social, Fun, Travel                Relationships and Friendships


  1. Use real pictures next to the things you vision in your life.

(Cut them out or get them from the computer. Pictures go into long term memory so they are super important.)


  1. How do you want to feel in each area of your life. Put this next to the topic on the vision board.

(ex: Weight – I want the feeling of lightness when I walk or I want to feel great when I see myself in the mirror.)


  1. Write down 3-6 goals you want to achieve in each area as well as the income you will receive for the year.


  1. Write next to the goal, “WHY” you want each of these goals.  Make sure it’s a compelling reason.

(ex: I want to feel healthy and lost 20 lbs – Why? Because my blood pressure is high and I want to live to see retirement.)


  1. Once done, start executing as much of this to your calendar as possible.

(ex: if you say a goal is to get to the gym 4 times a week.  Mark it on your calendar and honor the appointment just as you would honor an appointment with a client.  That time is for YOU.  If it’s something like a trip to Europe, make time in your calendar to do your homework and make the reservations…just write it down)

Make sure your goals are something you really want.

Think about these 10 steps as you do your new year plan and you will be on your way to building the blueprint to achieve success.

  1. Ask yourself: What’s working in my life and what’s not working.
  2. Make sure your goals are something you really want. 
  3. Ask yourself: How do I want to feel around my topics. (ie: weight, work, my husband…
  4. Write your goal in the positive tone instead of the negative.
  5. Write your goal out in complete detail.
  6. By all means, make sure your goal is high enough.
  7. Don’t ever worry about the How, sometimes that will stop you…just the Why and calendar it!
  8. Visualize your Goals and keep your vision board present.
  9. Prepare the actions steps to achieve those goals
  10. Calendar those action steps.

What you are working on today determines your tomorrow.  What you do over the next 30 to 60 days will determine your sales success in the New Year.  


So get busy and create your world, you have the power!  Call me if you need a sample to look at.


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