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Giving up on Follow Up, is Money Down the Drain

April 1st, 2015
By Shirleen Von Hoffmann Sales Coach and President of HomeBuilders Edge   MIRM, CSP, CMP. Copyright 2015

For those of you who want to give up after the first couple of prospect contacts…Remember this…

* Only 2% buy on the first contact, but 2% BUY on the first contact!

* 3% buy on the second contact

* 5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact

* 10% are made on the 4th contactmoneydownthedrain

* 80% of sales are closed on the 5th – 12th contacts.


Now, contrast these statistics with the fact that:

87% of all leads are never pursued

48% of all leads that are pursued are dropped after the first contact!

Up to 63% of the all leads eventually buy (from someone who followed up!)


78% Internet users research websites before buying      Your website should rock!


Moral of the story, don’t give up on a lead, EVER.  Keep the contact and conversation moving towards a close at all times.

Secondly, Being good on the Phone is important and be very good on the internet but be a Master at the handshake and asking great questions.  If you develop Rapport and Trust quickly through confident conversation, asking great questions and knowing your buyer, you will get them 98% of the time.

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