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3 steps to avoid Real Estate Burnout

May 17th, 2015

Burnout is a spiral of exhaustion and the product of an unbalanced life.  I constantly Coach Sales People each day who are negative, burned out Hot Messes!  Sometimes we need to really take a look at where we are going, what we are doing and make some solid changes in our lives.

We are connected to our devices 24/7. We check our phones on average, once every 6 minutes! We spend 3/4 of our day on our phone or computer and now our average attention span is 4 seconds!  You run from appointment to problem, in rush hour traffic, making sales calls, checking messages or returning calls on the phone constantshocked guyly. In Sales, you must have a  downtime. You must recharge yourself and reconnect with your family and friends or you will be eaten up by stress.  Here are three things to practice so you don’t become a victim of burnout and stress.


A time for just you.  That can be expressed in many ways…silence, exercise, meditation, doing something you love to recharge your spirit. A  time to just be and be alone with ourselves. Try to find this time at least 15-45 minutes a day.  Walking meditations are one of my favorites.  It’s when I walk and just feel gratefulness for the beauty in the morning and evening.  I ultimately plan my day as I do this and feel so much better by grounding myself each day this way.


Reconnect with Family, Friends and Home.  The busier the market gets, the more important it is to make a practice out of recharging yourself and reconnecting with your family, friends, home and all of the things that put a smile on your face.  Ultimately it will make you more balanced and ready to take over the world on those work days. Make a practice of really being present with family, friends and loved ones throughout the week.  Plan on it! Just as you plan an appointment.  Feel the moment and don’t be distracted by work.  By honoring other parts of your life this way, you will start to feel and remember what it feels like to be balanced and loved.


Create a digital detox plan. Have a specific time at night when you regularly turn off your devices—and gently escort them out of your bedroom.  No more emails, no more work, no more phone.  We now sleep with our devices…and that’s scary! Once you are home, be present.  Be home and do the things you love to do.  Disconnecting from the digital world will help you reconnect to your wisdom, intuition, creativity, family and your life. And when you wake up in the morning, don’t start your day by looking at your smartphone. Take one minute—just one… may turn to two and so on. You do have one minute—to breathe deeply, be grateful and set your intention for the day.

With these three small changes, you will arrive to work ready to be there and you are setting boundries in your life. Boundries with your time, your attention, your work and you.  Burnout can’t happen to someone who practices balance and Burnout is a bad place to be.  So make these changes today… for a great tomorrow!


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