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Time Management Tips for Real Estate Pro’s-Everyone show know

June 28th, 2015

By Shirleen Von Hoffmann Sales Coach and President of Home Builders Edge copyright 2015


Two weeks ago I did a short session on time management.  Here is a recap of what we talked about PLUS a few additions…

First as a reminder take a look at Steven Covey’s youtube video on big rocks covey

  • Then apply the theory to your day and make your staff do it too.
  • Set some time aside for the big rocks, preferably in the morning. Tackle a few big rocks and you will feel like you have accomplished something.  Sometimes the pebbles and sand end up sidetracking you and your Big Rocks don’t get done. The reality is the sand and pebbles sometimes aren’t important. The Big Rocks are.
  • Quiet, undisturbed time, in the morning, is a good time for big rocks. Even one hour.  Do it for your team as well. Only tackle big rocks during this time.


Focus, Focus, Focus

  • In Sales, There is a 80% chance you are ADHD in some way, shape or form. Stay on the mind freeway. Be aware of it and make it a goal to stay focused and work from a list.  Have a schedule you honor.  Pebbles and Sand veer you off on exits, all day, leaving you feeling as though you have accomplished nothing.
  • Delegate and stay out of files. Trust your team, minimize and tame your fear and let go.
  • Most Emails, phone calls are sand and pebbles. Find a way to answer those at scheduled times throughout the day.  Only need to answer the very important ones.  Use your voicemail to delegate phone calls and set expectations of who to call upfront…clearly.42-15532885
  • Use status reporting for your files. Minimize how many times you touch a file, know everything in one location.
  • Make a list throughout the day of items for your pipeline meeting the next day.
  • Everything is not an emergency. Manage your Yes’s and No’s.  If it’s not a BIG Yes, then it’s No.
  • Do complete paperwork upfront, saves time on the back end. Have a written process to help you do this.  If you follow a process every time, you won’t forget and everyone wins!
  • Record your file download, to your team on your phone voice recorder and email with the file.


Time is the most valuable thing we own, so own it!

  • Value your time, do the numbers. Calculate your hourly rate and figure out if you should be delegating more.stop watch
  • Keep a log of what you do, every two hours for one week. Where are you wasting time?
  • There is an app that will monitor your computer time…and show you where you’re wasting time.
  • is an immediate follow up tool you can use in your email to keep you from having to post reminders to your calendar. Check it out, it’s cool.
  • Get all of your processes down on paper, define and refine them, for more efficient growth and training.
  • The Flyp app will allow you to sort your contacts on your phone to categories like Work, Family, Friends, Clients. You can send messages to only certain categories and actually turn off categories.
  • Dashlane saves all of your passwords in one location.
  • Google Voice will email your texts so you can reply from email, use your phone like a walkie talkie with your team, set up multiple voice mails for different categories of contacts like a work VM, a friend VM a client VM. Check it out, it’s cool.


Remember:  This is all you should be doing:42-15660112

  1. Selling, Meeting Appointments and Presentations
  2. Call Leads, Past Clients, Clients and referrals
  3. Marketing and networking
  4. Having processes in place that maximize your time
  5. Delegating
  6. Taking care of yourself, spending time with family and friends



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