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New Goals?

December 21st, 2015



When you live with intention, you set out on a predetermined path of success, every day.   You are present, engaged and authentic.  When you don’t live with intention you perform many mindless activities throughout the day that are random and most likely time wasters.Happy-New-Year-Greetings-2016-850x531

  • Do you ever get to the end of the day and feel like you didn’t accomplish anything. (Mindless)
  • Do you ever realize on Facebook, you were on there for hours? (Mindless-time waster)
  • Do you ever drive somewhere and not remember the drive there? (Mindless)

When you live mindless and roll from one thing to another without thinking about it or a predetermined path, you are not being intentional.  Though to-do lists and goals are necessary, living with the intention is having a regular practice that is done every day and every week, so as to not waste one precious moment of life.  Living with intention is to approach life in a bigger way.  Getting the bigger picture.

As we get closer to the New Year, let’s focus on living each daywith intention.  So as you set your intentions and schedule for Success in the New Year, try including a schedule that includes good habits that take care of YOU, the human being as well as YOU, the Salesperson.  In the Real Estate world many of us have goals and or visions that we do each year.  This year I would like to challenge you to make intention boards instead.   Fill them with things you will do daily or weekly that will help with the big picture goals and vision you have for your life. For instance; by doing this one task it will make a positive result in 5 different aspects of your life.  That is bigger picture.  Put pictures on those intentions to make them even more powerful.  Here’s an example:


Personal                                                        Work

0  Hours of television                                  0  Hours of wasted time/Negativity

1  Hour of exercise daily                             1  Hour of email return daily

2  Liters of water daily                                 2  Hours of prospecting per day

3  Cups of green tea daily                           3  Hours of focused marketing per week

4  Short mental breaks daily                        4  Return call times 15 minutes each

5   Small meals                                            5  Minutes of chit chat with staff members weekly

6  am wake up time                                      6  Handwritten cards of praise, prospecting follow up

7   Minutes of laughter                                  7  New clients a week

8  Hours of sleep                                          8  Lunch and Learns and or Dinner meetings per month

9   Hours of reading/music per week.           9  Field calls per week

10   Statements of gratitude daily                10  Minute morning huddles


  • First thing take a morning walk and get some exercise. It gives you time to plan your day in your head, breathe, stretch, meditate, be grateful, starts endorphins and move your body all in one.
  • Before you arrive to work, have a plan on paper or computer of what you will accomplish that day. Fill your time with YOU elements and work elements. Drive the day don’t let it drive you.
  • Water and Feed your Body throughout the day.
  • Get enough rest both sleep and off time from work.
  • A daily gratitude and laughter practice are game chasers in mental attitude.


  • Always value Time as one of the most important components of your day.
  • As the CEO of your world, your time should be spent thinking of ways to make revenue.
  • You should never be bored nor waste time.
  • Focus your time on driving business, touching prospects and outselling your competition.
  • Realize and avoid time wasters.


In Sales you have many bosses – they are just called customers and prospects and they should get TLC they deserve. Never, ever take a prospect coming through the door for granted as they are your golden goose.  A good way to keep yourself in check, after every prospect encounter is to give it the TLC check: 

  • TIME -Did I do everything possible to maximize my time and efforts with that prospect?
  • LISTEN -Did I listen carefully to that prospect for their needs, sell them those needs and did I hear and respond to their buying signals?
  • CLOSE -Did I close that prospect and get the deal?


There is a saying and it says, “As soon as you stop growing, you are dead.”  That saying is so true. You find most people who feel burnt out are people who have stopped growing.  When you stop growing, it seems like you stop loving what you do, you become negative, bitter and not fun to be around.  When you continue to grow, you continue to be engaged, optimistic and energetic and positive about the future.

  • Constant reading and growth.
  • Never stop learning your trade through Coaching and Training.
  • Build great teams, train and treat them right and Trust them to do the work.
  • Keep yourself fresh, adapt to change and renew yourself continuously.
  • Be a “10” in energy each day; bring influence and positive energy to all you touch.

Living with intention involves engaging all of your energies and strengths. It means both affirming what you want and having fun on the journey. It means honoring your intentions, as a number one priority.

By Shirleen Von Hoffmann President and Sales Coach for Home Builders Edge. Copyright 2015 ©.   For more information please go to or contact shirleen at

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