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Join me at the Int. Builder Show in Las Vegas

January 18th, 2016

PrintIntegrating Tablet Technology into New Home Sales

Technology is changing so quickly that it’s tough to keep up, but it is critical that we do. Consumers are using tablet and mobile technology in their everyday life, and other industries, like retail, are spending millions to develop technology so they can better connect with their customers. The home building industry needs to do the same, but how? Finding the best uses for these tools in new home sales is actually fairly easy when you know where to start. This session will discuss the latest and most relevant tablet technology, apps and implementation ideas for new home sales so you can better connect with your prospective buyers and get results.

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Join Christopher Brown and I for a great session on Jan 21 at 11am in South Room 223

  • Learn about the various tablet platforms available, analyzing the pluses and minus for each, and how to integrate the technology into the sales office.
  • Discover 35+ free or low-cost apps that sales and marketing people can start using right away to be more organized, connected and relevant to today’s buyers.
  • Explore new technologies that are coming soon from other industries, and how home building can use them to more effectively market and sell homes.

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