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Simple Recipe for Goals and Vision Plan for 2017…Are You Ready!

December 22nd, 2016
By Shirleen Von Hoffmann "The Queen of Sales" and Sales Coach for Home Builders Edge copyright 2016

This year I did my goals and planning in the final quarter of 2016, so I will be ready for the New Year. In business, this works well and you get the New Year off to a roaring start.

So, my vision board and business goals are done!  It feels good to have them done and I feel ready to embrace 2017.  I ‘m super excited about a few of my Coaching Programs going into a online school.  It’s going to be a very busy year of Coaching and Consulting for me.

I challenge you to do the same.  Get your Vision board out and your Goals on it and start the year off ahead of the game!

I have a simple recipe for combining your Vision and Goals and as with any recipe make sure to stick to the ingredients given.

Here are your Recipe guidelines for Goals and a Vision Board combined15283993_10154030211742371_4026513633367601514_n:

  • TOPICS: Find 5-6 important topics to cover like Work, Home, Relationships, Health, Spirituality, Fun.
  • VISUAL: Use GREAT pictures of what you want and be very specific and personal with those pictures.  If you want an RV put the exact picture of that RV.
  • MEANING: Put down the BIG WHY of what it is that you want.  If the WHY is powerful enough, it will help you achieve the goal.
  • PERSONAL: This is a personal mission so you  get to put your personal touch on your creation.  Sky is the limit.  You own this one!
  • FEELING: Put down how you want to feel in each area of your life. ie( I want to feel more love in my marriage.)
  • EXPANSIVE: When you sit down to do this, know ANYTHING is possible.  Lock the adult in you, that limits things, OUT of the room.
  • SIMPLICITY: Keep things simple, like a 5-year-old would like it.  You are dealing with the sub-conscious and you need to talk to it in a very simple manner. Pictures speak louder than words here so use pictures.  Example if you want to make a million dollars, put a picture of a million dollars on the board.  Lose weight put a picture of you at a smaller size. (specific and simple)
  • FUN:  Have fun doing this exercise.  It’s amazing if you use this recipe, the results you will get and you can do a personal board as well as a family or team board that you do together!
  • THEME FOR THE YEAR: Do a section of the board that has a theme for the year.  For instance you  may want to “Lighten Up” your home, your body and your workload. So “Lighten Up” Would be the theme of the year in all categories.

I like to do my board on my computer, so I can obtain any picture and insert it and then print out the final board.  I also save it as my screen saver on my laptop, to look at it each day.  Others like to do a manual board and cut pictures from magazines and make a project out of it.  It’s your creation, do it however you wish, just follow this recipe.

Isn’t it exciting we get use our imaginations and create your very own masterpiece called LIFE! Asking for anything we desire.  Amazing!

See you in the New Year!




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