Agent six pack for Recession Selling

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By Shirleen Von Hoffmann
President & Sales Coach of Homebuilders AdvantEdge®

Okay we all know the current economic situation is challenging at best. But rather than letting it drag you down, turn your attitude around and look at the possibility that with every market change there are some people who are making extra ordinary sales so the questions is, is that YOU? With the right skills and attitude, you can be successful, even in a recession!

There are 3 basic approaches that companies will take in a recession:
• Be aggressive, jump in and grab market share while the going is good.
• Stay the course and be positioned to grow when the economy recovers.
• Stop all marketing and sales training and wait until the market turns around.

As Individuals we can also take these three approaches:
• Work smarter and with determination, doing everything we can to find buyers.
• Work hard or a little harder than you have been, with no real plan.
• Be worried, depressed & full of the recession blues with no plan to find a sale.

Here is a six pack of ideas that will not only help you through a recession but make you thrive when others are still complaining about no sales.

1. Work Hard
2. Work Smart
3. Work on your Attitude
4. Work on your Sales Skills
5. Work on your Questioning
6. Work on your Closing and Follow Up

1. Work Hard:
There is no substitute for perseverance. When you show up each day, have a plan and list of things you want to get done. Dive in and work hard until you achieve your goals for the day. Then tomorrow, do it all over again. You will not be successful just to show up and hang out until someone walks through the door. You must show up with a plan of attack. If you were driving to a new location you wouldn’t just take off, without a map would you? You would never reach your goal point. Have goals and list the many things you will do to achieve your goals. Remember the saying, if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got.

2. Work Smart
Be efficient at your work. Have your office stocked with follow up items so you can just pop them in the mail when the moment presents itself. Utilize your partners to help you achieve your goals, like title companies and lenders. They need to market as well so when you partner with them it becomes more cost effective and time efficient to team up.

3. Work on your Attitude
Even in the best of times, there is a lot of rejection in home sales. You can multiply that in a bad economy. Find a way to keep your attitude up, read positive articles, don’t listen to bad news and celebrate the small victories. Choose to surround yourself with people who are thinking like you and doing the same.

4. Work on your Sales Skills:
When traffic is slow it is a perfect time to do all the training you don’t normally have the time to do. There is so much FREE training you can find online, including this article. Take advantage of it. Learning and honing your trade can be fun when you experiment with it and find out that what you learned works! As a Sales Trainer there is nothing more rewarding than to see Salespeople who takes pride in honing their skills and utilizing what they learn in the field.

5. Work on your Questioning skills
As a Sales Person if you learn how to question your buyers properly you will be knocking out 60% of what is required to get the sale. Learning how to ask open ended questions is easy and essential to gaining trust from your prospect. Being interested in your prospect and getting to know them through questions is the best way to develop rapport, trust and a relationship which is 60% of a sale. People buy because of relationships and you are in charge of creating the relationship.

6. Work on Closing and Follow up skills
After questions, closing and follow up become the most important skills you can know in this market or any market. Learning to close is essential if you want to sell homes. You won’t get the sale if you don’t ask for it. And follow up is essential to making them remember you. Follow up has to be right away and continued on for a period of 2 weeks to 2 months. I can guarantee your competition isn’t doing it so if you want that buyer to remember YOU then follow up right away with them!

Other skills are important, but these are the most essential in a recession.

Take this recession head on and be one of the Sales People who decide; that YOU are going to be the one who not only survives but THRIVES!

Happy Sales to You!

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