Are you “IN” or are you “OUT” of Sales Shape?

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You want to become “IN Shape”? If so, then you have to make sure you understand what it takes to be “IN” or “OUT” of shape.racing2

If you exercise or if you’ve seen someone that really works out a lot, then you know the term “IN” Shape. To get “IN” Shape, you have to constantly improve in at least three areas: food intake, cardio vascular fitness and working your muscles. You work on those three items and you end up with those well-defined muscles. You will also tend to be less stressed, more energetic, healthier with a positive attitude and happier.

Are you “IN” or” OUT” of “Sales Shape” in your sales career?
• If you take a look at critical components of learning, are you:
Reading everything possible to improve your skill as a sales person?
• Meeting new people inside and outside your profession so that you are learning, growing and networking with others?
• Failing? Are you taking enough risk and failing periodically in your career so that you stretch your imagination and hone your skills?
• Growing? Are you growing your sales skills and practicing techniques, scripting and closing?

Or are you “OUT ”

Do you:
• Tell people how you’ve been in the business for so many years and how many training sessions you’ve been to and that you know it all?
• Stay away from conferences and networking groups and isolating your circle of “experts” to those people that you’ve been hanging around since you started your career? In other words, you are continuing to do what has worked for you in the past.
• Act like you know it all when the truth is you don’t even practice the basic sales skills like getting a name and using it or getting contact information and actually following up and closing.
• Boast about sales you did in the past but actually you are falling behind the pack or being on top in your organization?
• Resent Trainers or Sales Managers who come in and try to teach you new skills or sharpen old skills?
• Notice “newbies” who come in sharp, with great energy and attitude passing you up on the “likable list” with the Sales Manager? Do you give these same “newbies’ a hard time?

Be tough on yourself. Be honest with yourself. Really ask yourself if you’ve allowed yourself to get comfortable with your routine, a little rusty and just a bit lazy with sharpening your saw? Most importantly have you let your attitude slip into a negative place?

If you can identify with items mentioned above, then you may, in fact, be in “OUT” of Sales Shape. And by being “OUT”, you just may find yourself being put “OUT”.

In today’s marketplace, with competition becoming tougher and tougher, companies are expecting more results with less. Do you think that being “IN” Sales Shape is a smart thing to do? Probably or you may find yourself “OUT” literally and that isn’t a very good place to be if you are in sales. You may select to go to another “location” because the heat and the pressure to sell have just become too intense where you are today. Or you may not like the people that you work with, that’s ok; go ahead and go. But have a plan to start fresh and get “IN” shape because it’s only a matter of time before your new boss decides it’s time to get the sales team “IN” shape and if you’re not you are “OUT” again.

Today’s formula to be Sales Fit:
• Commit to reading one book a month on business, selling or self – improvement
• Commit to attending a conference at least once a year that focuses on selling.
• Commit to being the best at what you do in your market space.
• Make a commitment to take a few sales risks a day and increase those risks until they are routine and not risks.
• Commit to discovering your weaknesses and working on them until they become your strong points.
• Commit to arriving each day with a positive attitude much like the one you had when you first entered the business. Only you can decide to be happy with your work each day. No one else can decide that for you.

Start today and get yourself “IN” Sales Shape. Read endlessly, learn something new every day that you can apply to your sale profession. Commit to being a life long learner, not just from reading books, but also by experiences and from the people you meet. Being a life long learner will lead you to become a life long earner.

Get “IN” Sales Shape today and find yourself healthier, happier, more prosperous and loving your sales career!

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11 Responses

  1. Renicia Fewell says:

    I really enjoy reading your articles, especially this one (are you In or Out of sales shape) and have past it on to a few of my friends.

  2. Thanks Renicia, I am glad you enjoy my articles and feel free to share them with your friends, that is what they are for…

  3. Michael Ciampi says:

    Michael Ciampi
    Owner, Michael Vincent Homes

    Good comparison, I never thought of sale like working out! I also like the point in “IN SHAPE” that brings up failing. Not being afraid to fail and accepting that failer can happen, I believe is a big step in becoming a great business mind.

  4. Micheal,

    Glad you enjoyed the article. You are right and I couldn’t agree more. We learn our most from our failures in life. At least we hope we learn the lesson and become better!

    Happy Sales!

  5. Tom Roaldi says:

    Tom Roaldi
    Director of Business Development at Coldwell Banker Real Estate

    Well Done, Shirleen! The greatest challenge is not “mastering” the new tools, technologies and models that are available today…it is “embracing the undeniable fact” that you need to get good at them!

  6. You are so right Tom,

    A perfect example of that would be mastering all the social networks like Linked In, Facebook, Twitter…take a lot of time and effort but well worth it.

    Glad you enjoyed the article.

  7. Ardyth Edgeton says:

    Ardyth Edgerton
    National Account Executive at Red Roof Inns, Inc.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this “reminder” of what it takes to hone skills and sharpen techniques. Although it is common sense, many of us are so busy, it is difficult to “see” some complacency in our daily routines. I suggest that we all respond with some articles, books or conferences that we have read or attended that have enhanced our skills and list them on a group board with highlights. This may provide a place where we can all visit for recommendations on enlightening material.

  8. V Avinash says:

    V Avinash
    Business Development

    Very nice… Thanks Shirleen!

  9. Yes, Ardyth, you are right. We all need to be reminded from time to time even when we have been in the business for many years.

  10. Scott Wolf says:

    Scott Wolf
    Sales Manager at Potter Hill Homes

    Well spoken article! I have been working with new home sales teams for 22 years now. There is a constant need to “sharpen that saw” Being in the throws of the survival economy choosing to be IN shape in a must do! I will share this article at my next sales meeting.

  11. Scott,

    So glad you are sharing the article at your next sales meeting. That makes me very happy. We all need to continually sharpen our saws.

    Happy Sales

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