Are You Listening? Really?

March 26, 2010 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

by Shirleen Von Hoffmann President and Sales Coach, HomeBuilders AdvantEdge & Creating VIP’s Copyright 2010

Perhaps the easiest way to distinguish successful salespeople from unsuccessful ones is to watch how they interact with a prospect. Do they do all the talking and never question and listen? If you don’t let the prospect tell you what they need, and act on that, then you are doomed for failure as a salesperson. You are also making your job alot harder than it needs to be!

You must let the prospects speak about their lives, their needs and their wants. And if they are the quiet types, then you must know the questions that will get them talking. I see too many Sales people doing “Presentations”, when all you really need to be doing is asking great questions and actively listening.

Listening is not always easy, you have to slow your brain down and focus on the moment and what they are saying. However, it a huge part of your sales game to HEAR the needs, buying signals and follow up details that potential is giving you.

When you obtain these details about your prospect, write them down! So that as you follow up with them, you can market smart and straight to their needs. The more personal you are with you your follow up marketing the more you make the client remember YOU and your product. Think about it this way, what difference does it make to you when you receive a letter saying “Thanks” and it is computer generated or a letter saying, “Thanks! I enjoyed visiting with you and am enclosing more information on our golf courses because I remember you loved golf! ” Signed by a real person.

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Count your Blessings! Happy Sales!

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  1. Del Barbray says:

    Excellent article on the listening skill which every “successful” new home sales person must do 75% of the time when they are visiting with a prospective buyer.
    I totally agree with you, Shirleen, that the most “successful” new home sales agents know what questions to ask each prospective buyer that will help the sales agent understand the needs, wants and desires the prospective buyer has and once the sales agent understands the needs, wants, and desires of the prospective buyer then he and/or she will know how to help the prospective buyer meet his or her needs, wants and desires.
    I work on my listening skills all of the time so I can be the best new home sales person that I can be.

    Thank you
    It’s a pleasure to know you.
    Del Barbray

  2. Shirleen, As usual you are right on. The old saying – “there is a reason why God gave us 2 ears and one mouth”… To listen twice as much as we speak is good advice for life in general, but a must for any type of sales. If we don’t listen for the “need” or “desire” we won’t know what benefit the buyer has to realize to make a purchase.

    Keep it up… I enjoy your columns and sound advice.

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