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I feel honored to write an article next to one of my mentors, Anthony Robbins.  Read my latest for mortgage sales professionals…tony robbins

Mastering Builder Business

I was doing some coaching the other day to a group and one of the students said, “I feel that Builders are too much work…they are too hard to get to, too hard to get and too hard to keep happy once you get them.”

So I am here to tell you…That is partially true!  Home Builders can be hard to find, challenging to get an appointment with and once gotten they can be difficult to keep happy.

But on the other hand, chasing a Builder and getting them is a huge win, there’s no feeling quite like it!  Here is another great upside…you don’t live month to month; you have a huge pipeline of loans that you can see as far as a year out and you always know what is coming down the line.  When you become a successful Builder Account Loan Officer and do it right, you become an enterprise.  Everyone will want you working for them.  Furthermore, there is no better feeling than a Builder awarding you with their business and trusting you to get it done.  It’s huge win.

Think about it, is anything worth getting, Easy? Do you want to get 15 loans a year from a Realtor (That’s easy!) or do you want 150 loans year from a Builder? (Challenge) And when you get four or five Builders in your pocket, you can imagine the enterprise you will create.  Nothing in this world, worth anything, comes easy. So instead of looking for easy, let’s talk about some strategy.

First I am going to make you a promise and want you to proceed with this knowing.  If you follow these steps below you will become wildly successful with Builders and have a ton of business.  With that said, you must prepare to be busy.  I always say, “Be careful what you wish for!” Preparation and planning will make you, “in it to win it”!     READ THE ARTICLE HERE

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