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What matters to you most about how your Employer honors you as an employee?Sales Person

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  1. Ragini Chaturvedi says:

    Ragini Chaturvedi
    Head Insurance – BSS at kalpataru Synergy – SSLL

    As long as I can remember, in my entire professional Sales Career which spans over a period of 8 years, By memorable I mean honor that really mattered to me was few…I received so many rewards/awards during last 8 yrs but would consider few one .Sales team requires special handling and should be rewarded greatly. Employer as an employee should respect your knowledge, skill and agree on your valid points also you have to be a great Leader to challenge them and develop their skill sets. Give them information that they can take back to the field and use in their everyday routines is what they need and honor most. They like it when you teach them and guide them how to handle situations that they are challenged with.

  2. Julian Haste says:

    Julian Haste
    Business Development Director

    For me it would be down to respect. As long as both employer and employee realises it is a two way street, and they listen to each other, and the employer honours their employee with enough time to listen to their thoughts and ideas, then this should be enough that is needed.

  3. Bragadeesh Prasanna says:

    Bragadeesh Prasanna
    Associate Sales Support

    For me its giving additional responsibility. I am not worried about financial benefits but as said by Ragini above, to give me information that i can take back to the field and use it is what i honor most. My boss is good at that 😉
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  4. Richard Abels says:

    Richard Abels
    Media and events sales and management consultant.

    I refer you to my family’s motto; “Don’t clap, throw money”.

    I really must get that translated into Latin.

  5. Mel Kaye says:

    Mel Kaye

    Respect & Understanding…..that is when I had a boss. Now that I am my own boss, I only have to answer to my wife………who give me neither.

  6. Marian Balan says:

    Marian Balan
    Key Account Manager at Coca-Cola HBC

    Daily challanges , company values and money, exactly in this order.
    All this 3 are mandatory.

  7. Tim Wade says:

    Tim Wade
    Employee Benefits/Retirement Plan Consultant

    seems to be two camps here — those who work within a large firm with salary + bonus and those who work for commissions (and/or smaller orgs). The corp seem to want to move up ie challenge and responsibility while the commission paid are saying money and listen to me as I am the person in the field.
    Two very different angles on the same question. Seems that it is really has two streams of reference.
    good luck

  8. Anu Jayanti says:

    Anu Jayanti
    Managing Director, Investor Relationship Mgmt at Citi

    Inclusion ie a seat at the table when it comes to decision making, which is akin to the concept of responsibility that everyone cites… Recognition in the form of performance reviews, compensation etc…but honestly what resonates is when you get asked to contribute to the overall strategy

  9. Mark Hood says:

    Mark Hood
    Director Revenue Growth Group Pty Ltd

    It is awlays hard to find honest and fair employers but in past lifes I find it is the person the work for rather than the company. Give me an honest and fair person.

  10. Tim Wade says:

    Tim Wade
    Employee Benefits/Retirement Plan Consultant

    As a sales person –if i get more responsibility and involvement I become management — this is the same silly mistake many many companies make. They reward their top producers (people who generate the top line) with a management job — which has a completely different skill set requirement. Go figure ……Tim

  11. John Mullender says:

    Jon Mullender
    President at Summit Fence Supply, LLC

    I was at a meeting at the Urban League last night and the speaker said. He wants to pat the back of great work from his employees but a $100.00 going along with it make a lasting difference.

  12. Tamara Senibaldi says:

    Tamara Senibaldi
    Sales and Marketing Manager

    I have for 19 of my 20 years in sales been an Independent Contractor; however, being honored works in either situation. An Employer that listens and respects the employee’s opinion goes a very long way in maintaining a healthy, inter-dependent relationship. Employers must remember that sales people are “boots on the ground, frontline warriors” and when they carry back news from the front to improve their relationship or fulfill the needs of the customer then employers should listen openly. When the sales person has success, so goes the company.

  13. Jerry Voltero says:

    Jerry Voltero
    Inside Sales at EnterpriseDB

    For me it’s almost always about treating me with dignity and respect, creating achievable quotas and goals and allowing me to participate in the discussion surrounding the direction of the sales organization. I like start-ups because I can be more involved than in a larger company. All of that said, today is unlike any other time in my 23 years in sales in that the companies out there have absolutely no loyalty to anyone at all. Yet they are offended when the employee brings their letter of resignation into his/hers bosses office to give their notice.
    If the company keeps their promises and treats me with dignity and respect and my payplan is an achievable OTE then they have my loyalty absolutely. All of those things hardly all happen at once anymore and truthfully it’s just a reflection of our society and the need for instant gratification, cost cutting fervor and unwillingness to value anything but their own pocketbooks.

  14. Boy Mark you hit the nail on the head for me. For me having a employer keep their word is one of the most important things for me. Honest and fair rate numero uno in my book.

    Thanks for the response!

  15. I would like to be rewarded with consistancy. I dont need little perks if it is follwed up with a kick in the teeth the following week. Just be consistant.

  16. Amrish Mehta says:

    Amrish Mehta
    Asst Manager-Sales Neilsoft LTD

    Appreciation & monitory benefits in terms of money. At the end of the day money is the driving force. These are two things which motivate the sales person most

  17. Tony Siciliano says:

    I have worked in IT sales since 1983, with 90% of it being in software. What matters most to me is my employer simply acknowledging that I am doing a good job, succeeding, and contributing to the company’s success and profitability. I have more knives in my back over the years from prior employers than a kitchen does at a 200 seat restaurant. That is the nature of software sales…details later.

    We just finished up a rough fy09, but I ended the last two quarters above quota. I closed five deals in the last week of the fiscal year, and my boss thanked me for my performance and my persistence. I returned the compliment to her, as she is simply THE BEST. Yes, my income took a hit in this down economy, but I am hardly alone on that count, and I am bereft of holes in my shoes. Where I would have had a bullseye on my back at past employers, such is not the case at where I presently work. I cannot ask for much more. I would not mind making more money, but job stability in software sales evens out the w2’s over time.

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