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May 28, 2014 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

In my current Builder Certification training we are at a point where we are branding and marketing ourselves. We are in the process of putting together a nice group of Bio’s, Resumes, Taglines, Testimonials, Value Props and 30 second commercials for Builder Presentations.

Although it may be a drag to sit around and write Bio’s and resumes, gather testimonials and such on yourself and by yourself, it’s absolutely worth your time in our internet hungry, social media driven, world. And once you do it, you can utilize it for so many different things.  Blogs, websites, articles, cards, you name it!

Here’s a stat for you…85% of homebuyers visit the Builders site before walking into the model.  So guess how many are visiting your site?  Oh, you don’t have one?  Too Bad!  Oh it doesn’t look great? Too Bad!  Just try surviving in this environment without doing so.  You will soon be passed up by some young kid who has his marketing, social media stuff working, making him an “expert” to those out there reading it.  He might just get in front of your current clients looking more current than you look.

That’s the reason we do this type of marketing; to make ourselves, look like experts to attract clients.  You can’t go on a call looking anything less than that.  And when they meet you in person, you must have the skills to back up the marketing collateral.  You must be “good on your feet” as well!  But that’s a whole other topic.  Oh did someone tell you mortgages was just about moving some numbers around?  No my friends, being good in the sales business carries with it a horde of talents that include…marketing, selling, networking, time management, face to face skills, questioning skills, juggling acts, jumping high, running fast AND working a calculator and computer too! Whew!!

Making yourself a “brand” and an “expert” warms the room up before you enter it.  It has people recognizing your face from your marketing picture at networking events before you introduce yourself and is your personal commercial after you leave a meeting. So take the time to brand and market yourself, just as Mc Donald’s markets its Big Mac or The Colonel markets his chicken, being “finger licking good!” Oh please don’t use that one!

Just look around; branding and marketing are everywhere. It’s an invisible science and hard to measure BUT when you do it right, it’s never easy to forget and must never be forgotten, unless you want to be forgotten?

Have a great week and happy selling!

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