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Part 1 of 3 Trust

As a Sales Coach, I talk about a lot of different teachings.  This might be one of the most important things I talk about…how to play nice in the sand box and building and caring for your Team, all of your Team.

One of the first rules I learned doing high volume sales production is that you need a lot of people to achieve your goals.  They are your Team and need to be aligned and trust you to be a Leader. You can’t let them down. You bring  in the business but your job doesn’t stop there.  You must create an environment for things to get done right and on time.  That’s where your team comes in. TEAM means everyone you encounter at your company.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I am not saying there won’t be conflict.  But that’s when you use your skills like communication, great systems, proper expectations and reasoning.  Never use Anger or rage at another person on your Team, it’s not cool and eventually you will be moved out the door for doing it.

Here are a 12 necessary elements to keeping your team thriving and aligned. 

You’re the leader so remember you are responsible for your actions and your team, always:

  1. Be the rock they can depend on.  Speak, act and live as the best human you can be.
  2. Smile instead of Frown, do your best to spread joy. People need it and will look to you for it.
  3. Make sure the entire Team is committed to the true Mission: Happy Clients and great service.
  4. Be transparent, set the right expectations, check results and give feedback in a positive way.
  5. Create systems and processes for the team to be successful.
  6. If you’re frustrated, don’t email or call…give it a minute; breathe, you will be glad you did.
  7. Always assume everyone is doing their best, before you think otherwise.
  8. It’s easier to persuade others with polite requests, words of praise and a positive attitude.
  9. Ask for help, let the Team step up, trust them, they want to do their best for you.
  10. Yelling, rude demands, talking badly about someone and negativity are NEVER okay.
  11. Demanding rudeness destroys your relationships and thus destroys the Team and your future.
  12. Lead them with vulnerability, be accountable for failure and get right back to trying your best.

But here’s the reality; bad days, bad moods and pressure are a part of life and our business. They don’t work in your life nor the workplace, they just make everything worse.  How you manage them is everything. Don’t bring that game.  Don’t shoot yourself in the foot.  You are trying to build an enterprise, it takes skill.

Be a good human, be a rock people can depend on, create trust, love and honor with everyone in your family.  In a company it takes Sales, Operations, Management and a bond between all, to get the job done.  You are one big family, working together to be the best you can be.  Honor that and have some fun growing in a market that’s thriving.  Now go get em!

Stay tuned for Part 2…


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