Cashing in on our Economic Recovery!

September 8, 2009 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of hearing about how bad the economy is.  In fact, I’m excited about the Economic Recovery that is happening right now at this very moment.

Haven’t heard about it yet? Perhaps you’re listening to the wrong news stations, hanging around with the naysayers or still looking for excuses to wait to act instead of acting now. Regardless, the economy IS turning around and the Top Producing Sales People are talking it up, driving the enthusiasm and writing more and more deals because of it. How about you?

Are you still:
Listening to the negative news in the morning and arriving at work defeated before you even pick up the phone?42-16942706

Convinced that the economy has to fully recover before you can make your sales goals?

Siding with your prospects when they tell you this is not the time to buy?

If so, then it’s no wonder you’re not picking up on the signs of the economic recovery that is taking place right now.  Here are 5 things you can start doing today to take advantedge of the fact the economy is turning around.

1) Look for evidence of Economic Recovery and talk it up. Again, it’s there if you look for it. Most news programs (print, radio and the internet) report bad news because it sells. However, there are plenty of sources that report the good news as well. Find them, read them and have them ready, then spread the word.

2) Ask your prospects and clients for the Good News. It’s hard to turn somebody’s attitude around, but one way to counter your prospect’s negativity is to ask them for the good news. There always is some if you’ll just help them find it. Try this; “I totally understand __________. You know I heard some good news about the economic turnaround.” (Tell them what you’ve heard and then say:) “What good news have you heard?”

3) Tell a recovery story: Gather two or three successful client stories and be quick to share them with your current prospects and clients. Show them how they are in a similar situation and how they can succeed as well.  Remember, that’s what your clients want to hear from you (solutions) and if you’re ready with other client’s success stories, they’ll be easier to influence and sell.

4) Practice perfection. Those of you who know me know how big I am on practicing perfection and utilizing the basics.  Remember, if you’re using poor sales techniques including weak openings, not asking great questions or failing to close, etc., then you’ll have no chance regardless what is happening in the economy. Your best bet is to go back to basics and begin fresh as if you were a new Sales Person, starting your career with a fresh attitude and a constant craving for knowledge..
5) Write up and begin using an affirmation to imprint the performance and results you really want. I’ll tell you right now, most sales reps (80%) have horrible, negative self-talk, and this, more than any single thing, affects their results. Ask yourself: what do you say to yourself after you miss a sale or get brushed off on the phone?  Take some time right now, and develop some affirmations and begin using them to replace your negative self-talk.

There you have it – five proven ways to contribute to and take advantedge of the economic recovery that is happening right now. Don’t wait for the negative news stations to finally get on board – take control and start to ride the wave now!

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  1. Matt Buchenau says:

    Well said, Shirleen. It’s too easy to buy into the flood of negativity around us. Thanks for the reminder.
    Matt Buchenau

  2. dana Green says:

    Thanks for the uplifting information!
    Posted by Dana Green

  3. mark schmidt says:

    mark schmidt
    Owner, Schmidt Development, Inc.

    I agree, positive outlook breeds positive results.

  4. Mark Manzo says:

    Mark Manzo
    Sales Representitive with Barbosa Cabinets,inc.

    Great posting,keep them coming .mark

  5. Kenneth Zajac says:

    Kenneth Zajac, AIA, NCARB
    Owner, Zajac Architects

    Some great self improvement tips for this tough economy.

  6. Evelyn Milanni says:

    I Agree. You can go to Doris Matsui’s website you can Google map ARRA projects in California. These projects equate to jobs that will revitalize the economy and work its’ way through the system to all of us in terms of business opportunitity.

    We can all create an energy that will “lift” attitude and boost confidence.

  7. Thanks for the info Evelyn. Appreciate the comments.

  8. Boy isn’t that the truth Mark. Thanks for the comments.

  9. Your welcome Matt. Especially in this market is is easy to buy into all the negativity. Keep your eye on the prize!

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