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May 5, 2012 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

I think we would all agree our market it much different now than let’s say six years ago.  The fact the market is changing all the time.  It’s why we love Real Estate…It’s never boring and always changing.

So with that said, we must always change as well.  We must always look at what we are doing and see if we can do it better. I like to remember things by daily events that I do, to remind myself.  So some of you know that when you shower, I like to think of that process as washing off all of the “stuff” you might get that adds up over time in your mindset.  Washing it off each day and starting fresh with clean thought and positive goals for the day.

Well another great tip is to do the same while changing your clothes and dressing for the day.  As you put on your outfit for work, think about ONE thing, you can do to change it up today.  One more thing you can do better than your competition.

Here is something simple and easy to focus:

Really learning to listen, paying full attention to who you have standing in front of you.  Paying attention is the best spend of your time with a prospect.

When you listen well to needs and deliver those needs, what you find is people feel heard by you. Very important. Many times you don’t feel HEARD, by the Sales Person. Personally, it drives me crazy. I believe it’s because many Sales People are busy thinking about what they are going to ask next.  We see it all the time when doing shops.  The shopper will give numerous buying signals while in the models and time and time again they are totally missed because the Sales Person is “doing their routine” and not REALLY listening.

So today I encourage you to think of some ways that a Sales Person has stood out to you in the past and pick a few of those things and put them into your routine.  Shop your Competion and be better than them…a lot better than them. Be different from them, very different.  Be willing to do what they don’t do.  Be willing to change it up today…in some way!

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