Clean Slate

September 18, 2011 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

Cleaning our lives can be like cleaning our closet. As we clean out our closet, we come upon things to sort out, things to let go of, things to keep and things that make us wonder, “How I ever collected all this stuff?”

As we go through our own mental closets and emotional closets, perhaps it’s time today to let go of some things we have held onto.

Take a hard look at what you bring to your sales career each day.  How can you clean your Sales Closet out and start with a clean slate?  Are you making assumptions about your prospects, your product or your market? Are you bringing those assumptions to work with you.  You are the one who can convince yourself that this is going to be a great day or not.

Remember, it’s best to start each day as a clean slate only bringing one thought to work with you each day…“I have two sales waiting for me today!”

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