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May 10, 2010 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

“When a client, spouse or friend is angry with you or you are angry with them, 90% of the time it’s based on poor communication.

If you want less conflict, be sure to speak what’s in your heart and mind, others certainly can’t know all the chatter you have going on inside.  Sometimes we stay too much in our heads and assume people know what we are thinking.  Have you ever thought of a problem over and over inside your head and made it more of a problem than it was.  Once you communicated your thoughts on “the problem” to the other person, it all worked out fine and you made a big deal out of it for no reason?  It was all head chatter.  You must communicate what you are feeling and thinking.

Always remind yourself to be a good communicator of your thoughts and feelings, you will notice a difference in your relationships.                       Shirleen Von Hoffmann

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  1. Del Barbray says:

    Excellent reminder to communicate your true feelings and thoughts to the people that you are talking to.
    Thank you
    You do a GREAT job.
    Del Barbray

  2. Thank You Del. you do a GREAT job as well.

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