Complete this Sentence: Sales is…

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  1. Jonathan Farrington says:

    Jonathan Farrington
    Chairman, CEO, Senior Partner, Business Coach, Mentor, Author, Sales Thought Leader

    Sales is the oldest profession in the world – presumably, the other one required a sale to take place first 🙂

    Which proves, I believe, that nothing happens in this world until someone sells something.

    So all of that costly investment in accounting systems; IT capability; HR functions; overpaid marketing departments; lavish buildings…. will count for nothing, if your sales function is found wanting.

    So “Sales is that important”

  2. Jim Rasmussen says:

    Jim Rasmussen
    Sales Performance Resource @ Action Selling

    one of the coolest professions on the face of the earth because you can be as good at it as you want to be – hard work, hustle, persistance, and above all – be the consummate resource!!

  3. Daryl Braun says:

    Daryl Braun
    Account Executive at The Printery

    …is Fun and a constant challenge that will keep the mind sharp If you choose to work. The best part of sales is forever learning new things.

  4. Nikki chapman says:

    Nikki Chapman
    Sales and Marketing at Wentworth

    Sales is a roller coaster ride…with lots of peaks and valleys, it’s what you do during the valleys that make you the best sales person!

  5. Kim Lillie says:

    Kim Lillie
    Vice President, Marketing at LDG Financial Services

    Sales is selling someone something without them knowing they were sold!

  6. Rob Hill says:

    Rob Hill
    Commercial Lines Account Executive at Hub International

    sales is either the greatest job in the world or the worst. At the end of the day its your decision on which one it is for you

  7. Alan Macomber says:

    Alan Macomber
    VP Sales/Marketing

    Sales is helping someone make a decision that will benefit them.

  8. Barry Daigle says:

    Barry Daigle
    Senior Account Executive & Offset / Digital Print
    Consultant at Lithtex Printing Solutions

    Sales is providing the fuel to drive my own destiny.

  9. Bob swartz says:

    Bob Swartz
    Sales Executive Sibco Building Products

    Sales is…. the fiber of the American Dream. A sale is made, a product is built, a paycheck is cut and the circle goes on and on.

  10. Matt Ward says:

    Matt Ward
    Owner, Central Mass Web Design

    the most underestimated role in any company and is always to blame when things slow down! Sales is also the most misunderstood role in any company with many other employees not really knowing what the folks in sales do on a daily basis to bring in the work.

  11. George Iacullo says:

    George Iacullo
    Corporate Sales Manager at CDW

    The most rewarding profession in the world to those that embrace it, and a complete mystery to those who don’t. What other profession allows you to solve problems, build relationships, create value, and be paid exactly what you have “earned” every single day?

  12. Susan Solis says:

    Susan Solis
    Managing Partner

    Sales is a blast! The most fun of any role I’ve held in my career! I believe, Sales is more than hunting and finding an opportunity. Sales is making sure you deliver the quality products or services that were sold, and being certain what was sold and delivered, meets the satisfaction of the original client request. These type of Sales – result in – repeat business and more sales!!

  13. Frank Willemoes says:

    Frank Willemoes
    Director – partner

    Sales is…..the most exciting, thrilling, fantasic, frustrating job one can imagine. You sell a lot and you’re a hero, no miss your target and you’re a useless clown. Any way we look at it: Sales is the most important focal point in any business. You can develop and produce the most brilliant products in the world. If its kept a secret then forget it. Unfortunately this is not recognised by all board room members. Sales is and always will be the lifeblood of a company.

  14. Jose Moreno says:

    Jose Ignacio Moreno
    Key Account Manager

    …the thrill of building a relationship from scratch, to make extraordinary things happen everyday, to go one more mile with unbearable pressure, to compete with the best and to be rewarded for all this.

  15. Mel Kaye says:

    Mel Kaye

    Sales is………..
    1) determining what the pain level of the customer is
    2) determine if your solution can elevate the pain
    3) convince the prospect that your solution alleviates the pain
    4) compel the prospect to purchase your solution using logic, and whatever you have at hand.

  16. Davis Johnson says:

    Davis Johnson
    Sales Manager

    Sale is what makes or breaks a business! It is the businesses life line!

  17. Alan Klatman says:

    Alan Klatman

    Sales is empowering others to make decisions that are in their own best interest.

    Sales is educating.

    Sales is service.

    Sales is putting your customers interests first.

    Sales is having your clients thank you

  18. Jerry Jacob says:

    Jerry Jacob
    Media Consultant/Sales
    Sales is the pursuit of successful relationships, communicating ideas, uncovering interests, exploring options, working towards a mutually beneficial exchange, providing value and service, the best paid hard work or the worst paid easy work.

  19. Michael Mann says:

    Michael Mann

    Sales is…
    Kissing derrières from both sides…. The Retailers and The Factorys if you are an independent Rep. I have kissed so much posteriors that I have _ _ _ _ coming out of my teeth 🙂 But I still wouldn’t do anything else… except win the lottery.

  20. Jeff Stephans says:

    Q. Sales is….A. The essence of commerce! The yin and the yang of everything and everyone day-to-day existence. We all consume and with every consumption there exists at least one sale. Postioning one’s self to sell what, where and when in this circle is the question that every sales professional revisits when evaluating their personal relationship with choosing sales as a career.

  21. Thanks for the response Jeff, you are spot on!

  22. Tracy Meyers says:

    Sales is making friends and making money!!

  23. Tracy you are right, most of my clients I am friends with and I made money at the same time. I never thought of it that way.

    thanks for the response.

  24. Jeff Stephans says:

    My pleasure Shirleen, I will be happy to participate in any discussion in your forum. Feel free to contact me if I can help.

  25. Christopher West says:

    way the world goes round, nothing happens until something is sold, and its the only way I can imagine to make a livin

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