Creating Urgency Starts with YOU!

November 23, 2009 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

I just watched the American Music Awards last night. Everyone in the show was really at the top of their game from the performers to the dancers and band members. It was really quite a show.

Which got me thinking about You. Are you the very best that you could be. From doing the secret shopping we do for builders around the nation I see that most Agents are not. Probably 90% of Agents are still not using any sales skills needed to sell in this tough market. Most are still acting and selling like they were five or six years ago. oscar

Here are some tips you can use to get ready for 2010. I will be sharing more between now and the new year to remind you of “The Gold” you are missing everyday walking in the door.

You can read a lot of great articles on how to create urgency in your clients but how about creating some urgency in you? That’s where it should start. It’s so vital in this market and let me tell you why. Because every body walking through that door is like gold! Your Builder spent a lot of time, money and effort to walk that body through the door just for YOU! Just so you cold use your sales skills and sell them a home of their dreams. As a fellow salesperson, it’s just so hard to get a prospect to walk in the door, I would love it if someone would send them to me for FREE.

So realize your gold and cherish it. Do everything you can to improve yourself and your skills so that you are optimizing that prospect for a sale. Here are ten things you can start with.

1. Never let a prospect walk in the door without a great welcome greeting and taking the time to talk with them and get to know what they are looking for and what their lifestyle is like.
2. Never let a prospect walk the models alone. Use the time to get to know them and their needs.
3. Never let a prospect feel unimportant to you, stop everything you are doing and give them 100% off your attention.
4. Never let a prospect leave your office without a reason for follow up.
5. Never let a prospect leave your office without getting a card so you can follow up.
6. Always write down all of the things you remember about that prospect immediately after they leave so you can follow up smart.
7. Always do small trial closes along the way so you know if your selling is on target or off.
8. Always ask for the sale and a referral if they are not interest in your home.
9. Always follow up with a thanks for visiting note within a few days of the prospect being there.
10. Always follow up with a flyer of your referral program.

From now until the New Year we are going to be focusing on Creating Urgency in YOU. It’s been a rough market this year and I know most of you are feeling a little beat up. But the quickest way to change how you feel is to change your attitude and your habits. I will help you along the way!
Soon you will be hearing, “And the award goes to!”

Happy Sales.

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21 Responses

  1. Steve Del Grosso says:

    Steve Del Grosso
    Consultant at Carico International

    Are you kidding me? This is the Mantra for sales, don’t do it and you will never be successful

  2. cynthia sharp says:

    Cynthia Sharp
    Owner, Body Bonding

    This is a great reminder for all sales people in any type of sales. I look forward to hearing who get’s the award!

  3. Angela Megasko says:

    Your list is fabulous! As the owner of an international mystery shopping firm, with a specialty in real estate, I couldn’t agree more that agents lack creativity in these difficult times. Your list will prove helpful to those who want to change their attitude along with their close ratio!

    Angela Megasko, Market Viewpointm LLC

  4. Mike Templeton says:

    Mike Templeton
    Vice-President at LM2

    Shirleen, Great Article! Despite the tough market so many sales consultants still fail to cover the basics. Great reminder. Thanks!

  5. Wanda Fudge says:

    I read this yesterday, thought it was great and printed it to keep at my desk as a daily reminder.

  6. Joann Markely says:

    Yes, of course, and I pray too. Yes, I always ask for the CLOSE! THX for the gentle reminders…..good to keep it up front. THX for all the articles you send

  7. Joann,

    You are welcome. Glad you enjoy my articles.

  8. Wanda,

    Thanks for letting me know my articles have value to you.

  9. Angela,

    I am glad you enjoyed the article.Sounds like we see the same things in the field!

    It is my hope to remind sales people to be constantly improving themselves at their trade. There is a lot of skill and hard work involved in being a top notch sales person. You need more talent that just being in the right place at the right time.



  10. Scott Schlager says:

    Scott H. Schlager, CGA, CGP
    Associate Vice President at The New York State Builders Association


    Good post, great tips. I’m taking some of the ideas and modifying them for my use for the supply side of the building business.

    Thank you,

  11. Great Scott, glad you use the article!

  12. Joe Salha says:

    Joe Salha
    Accounting Consultant and Contractor

    With a little help from optimists like you. The housing sector will rebound starting in the 2nd Quarter of 2010. It will coinside with the traditional start of Spring/Summer sales. Especially now that we also have the Federal government helping with the 1st time home buyer program & other programs.

  13. Tima Parsa says:

    Tima Parsa, MBA
    Realtor at ZipRealty

    Shirleen, great article. Where can I read more about your work?

  14. Tima you can see my work here and my webpage and

  15. Chris De Zilwa says:

    chris de zilwa
    Training and Quality Executive at The Club Abu Dhabi

    This is a great piece of advice, sadly every one always expects that luck and help from heaven will be sufficient to get things done instead of realizing that the key to success lies in their own hand and with a bit of extra effort and human respect they could be award winners. I train and quality supervise 200 team members and I will use this advice in future trainings.

  16. Craig Warren says:

    Craig Warren
    Real Estate Investment Consultant/REALTOR®, Real Estate Transaction Facilitator, Keller Williams Realty

    These are some great tips to contemplate going in to the new year,
    always room for improvement.

  17. Rick Sawicki says:

    Hi Shirleen

    That is powerful stuff….great information!
    Thanks for sharing…


  18. Feel free to use it with your team Chris and if you need any help call me…I do Dubai!

  19. Rick,

    Glad you enjoyed the article.

  20. Craig,

    Glad you agree with my tips. Sometimes the most obvious things are the ones we miss.

    Happy Sales!

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