Creating Urgency

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by Shirleen Von Hoffmann President and Sales Coach of Home Builders Edge and Vortex Sales Solutions  Copyright 2008©

“Without a sense of urgency, desire loses it’s value.”  Jim Rohn

The single biggest obstacle you will encounter in a tough market is “fence sitters”.  These are people sitting on the side lines waiting for the best market to get the best deal.  It can be a real foe for the Salesperson who has never been through a tough market and not learned skills to push these buyers off the fence.

We are going to go over two steps to moving fence sitters, creating Value and creating Urgency.  In this article we are going to cover Creating Urgency.

When trying to move fence sitters always remember people want what others have and what they can’t have.  Fear of loss and anticipation of gain, thus the reason to create urgency.

We have to create urgency in a non urgent market because without it, there’s no movement. In other words, prospects have to believe that their needs and wants are going to be met and that there’s some compelling reason to do it now.

Think about when you have bought something you desire, what are your motivations for buying?   Usually it starts with desire and ends with affordability.  Then moves to getting what you want, at a good deal, at the right time. You’ve got to come up with a plan that will be compelling enough to move people, get their attention, connect to them, their visions, their values and move them off of fence.

Creating urgency in a non urgent market is a challenge but by no means impossible.  Creating urgency starts from the moment your buyer walks through the door.


You and your product must look ready to go, you must be ”on” and look fresh.  You must have your attitude in a place that creates urgency even when you haven’t had a sale in a month!  Never portray “it’s a slow market” to a prospect.  Never portray you or the builder is desperate to make a deal.  That is not sales, that is giving away all your strategy and power.  When asked about the market, here’s a great response, “Well as a matter of fact our community is selling very well, due to the tax credits, interest rates and pricing advantages.  People are realizing now is the time to buy!  We hardly have any inventory left to sell at this point.”

Your community and buyer experience

Make sure your community, models and office look polished and ready to do business. You should always look and be busy but always making time for your prospect.  Pay attention to all the senses your buyers experience in your models, sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.  Remember to “create an experience” from our previous training.  When you create an experience buyers will remember your community over and above all the rest.  Build an experience, then build value, motivation and urgency.

Here are some other ways to create urgency…

Scarcity – “Not much standing inventory left”

Limited product – “Only one of that model available”

Limited time – “Builder will only honor this special on deals closing in 30 days.”

Limited availability– “Nothing available now but will have a release next week, let me put you on my list.”

Show your prospect that this is the time to buy.  This is how;

Interest rates are at their lowest levels since ?

Prices are at their lowest since ?

Tax Advantages of buying save you ? dollars per month vs renting.

Tax Credits for buying allow you enough to decorate your home with new furniture!

Incentives by the seller will allow you to pay for options or closing costs that will save you thousands of dollars.


Now, if you have trust and you’ve removed doubt and you’ve created urgency, we need to continue to build desire or the “falling in love”  process.  Get out, get them on a site tour and do some visions of ownership.

Happy Sales

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