Giving up on Closing

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By Shirleen von Hoffmann Sales and Business Development Coach for Home Builders Edge and Vortex Sales Solutions ©2012

There is a saying, from the book Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, which says, “Quitters never win and Winners never quit.”  Everyone should hang that saying within eyeshot, so they see it multiple times throughout the day.  When you read it, remember you should never give up on the Close.

Many times while viewing shops and doing my private one on one coaching I see examples of a Sales Person just giving up, with closing especially.  With closing many get nervous and guess what… if you are nervous about delivering a close, then your timing is most likely off.  You have not done your pre-work like building value,  rapport, trust and delivering the buyers needs to them on a platter.  Those steps in a sale make closing easy!

You always want to create an environment where the prospect is chasing your product, you are not chasing them.  Building urgency does this. When you deliver a close and a prospect stalls, at this point you have an opportunity to create some urgency and explain why the reservation process is the best option if they want the house to be there in a few days, while they think about it.  But what I see is the sales person just gives up…Not all the time but many times I see Sales People who take no for the answer and just end the visit.  Too me, when I see this I think, well you just wasted your time with that client.  You are now going to operate from the law of odds and just HOPE they come back.  You wasted the time you spent with them showing the model, explaining your benefits and features, building rapport…you wasted it because you gave up. You not only wasted time but you gave up the money too!

Time = Money but Sales = Money too!  You had one more step with them, to close them, it’s your job to do this.

To become better, remember these five things…

  1. Closing is a must to be a successful Sales Person and if it hurts to do it, then you’re doing it wrong.  Some one on one coaching from your manager or a coach like me, to do some  role play around this until it feels natural, will fix this in no time.
  2. If you get a stall, moving the sale forward in some way is closing.  That means a firm follow up appointment, a reservation, a check…Move it forward.  Make sure you have solved any hint of objections they may have in their mind around the product, finance or the process.
  3. Close them in every way!  Guess what, some people really are afraid to buy and have to think about it.  When you do your job and close them in every way, they will be back or tell their friends, because of the quality time you spent with them and the great job you did fulfilling their needs. They will remember YOU.
  4. I do this and think every Sales Person should say to themselves after each encounter… Did I maximize my time with that client?  Did I do everything possible to make that client mine and what can I do next TO make that client mine? And do a personal evaluation of your performance, every time only to improve yourself the next time.  Treat every client as if they were a shopper.
  5. Lastly never forget…Quitters never win and Winners never Quit!    So never quit on the close, it really is your paycheck!

And just the fact that you are reading this, to improve your skills, tells me YOU ARE A WINNER!

Happy Selling!


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  1. I think that closing is the most important aspect of selling with out it, you don’t get a check and the customers are with out the product they came for. Many sales people forget to do trial closes, like are you buying before rates go up. Do you want to start enjoying the home this summmer or many others that get a yes. Once this point is made than you can start getting in a little deeper, and features need to have benefits. The clients don’t care what it or you can do, but what it does for them. At first he home is like a tabasco bottle and the price like a ketchup bottle, with feature benefitting that changes. The pyramid of old days is to talk quick and hammer hard, but really it is much easier to do it opposite. Spend time building rapport and feature benefiting and the close will come easy. TURBO RAY

  2. Ray,

    I couldn’t agree more and trial closes just help you to check the pulse…Am I going in the right direction with this client. And make the big close that much easier.
    Thanks for your comments…


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