Going for the Gold

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By Shirleen Von Hoffmann President of Home Builders Edge and Sales Team Coaches Copyright 2012

The Olympics are over. New stars were born right before our eyes with their amazing victories, and there were would-be stars that saw their moment come and go in a flash.

One of my personal hero’s is Dara Torres, who at 45 was one of the older Olympians who swam the 50-meter freestyle.  I read that she trained about five hours a day, six days a week for a race that would last about 25 seconds.  In the trials she was touched out by nine-hundredths of a second which meant that she would not be going to the Olympics.  Think about how much stronger she is just for going through the process of training at her age and getting to enter into the Olympics.  An amazing journey I am sure.

Another hero, Janet Evans, world record holder in many swimming events, also didn’t make the team and was ridiculed in the press for even trying a comeback at age 41.  They said she has a husband and kids and didn’t understand why she even tried.  I don’t understand this kind of thinking. I think she displays amazing drive, courage and persistence to be in the Olympics not only at her age.  It’s important to remember what’s important is everything that goes into the journey, that is what is important in life, not always the end result.

I have a friend, named Bruce.  He is in his mid-60’s, recently retired from his job of 31 years and the other day when we were having coffee, he told me he had decided to take swim classes again now that he was retired.  Now here is the kicker, he is not just taking any old swim classes for retiree’s. He is training to swim “Miles”.  He is training to swim from San Francisco to Alcatraz and back.  2 miles in freezing cold water, treading a very strong current, at the age of 64.  He told me he is having a blast in the class, with all of the other swimmers who are dedicated to improving their skills in a big way.  He retired from stressful job and now he is finding power and fun in the journey of his goal.  Why?  Because when you train and hone, for a goal you set, you RENEW yourself.  Renewing yourself; just feels good.

So what do all of these stories prove and have in common?

  • It proves that no matter our age we can change and improve our strokes, our discipline.
  • It proves that most winners spend five hours a day, six days a week training & honing their skills.
  • It proves you must have a passion for what you do…a drive that runs deep.
  • It proves even when you don’t get the end goal; the journey pays off so much bigger for the long haul. Even when something may appear as a loss, it’s a big win in the long run.
  • It proves no matter what… you need goals and milestones, you set out to achieve.
  • It proves you are never too old to RENEW yourself, your career and your talents.

So when it comes to you, what are you training for? How are you changing?  How are you improving?

Are you going for the Gold or just staying idle?

I hope you are going for it…it’s much more fun!

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