Great Sales Personalities = Great Sales!

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One of the most powerful sales tools some sales people overlook is their personality. Your personality is a key influence to a sale. It is proven people buy from people they like, trust and have confidence in.

When a prospect walks in the door or calls on the phone, you must be ready to get your game on, after all it’s what you do!. You must be prepared to give them your undivided attention to establish the rapport. Make it a goal to spend at least 30 minutes of quality time with your prospects; that will increase your chance of a sale by 30%. In order for them to want to spend that much time with you, you must have your sales personality in check.

Here are eight areas you can work on.j0308939

Confidence – You must be confident about yourself and your abilities before you can be confident about what you are selling. Confidence comes from knowing your trade, your capabilities and loving what you do. Your confidence should come across as secure and dependable not arrogant. A confident salesperson is willing to take the time to find out what the real needs of their customers are. They don’t jump at the person’s first comment and try to close.

Knowledge – You must be the one stop shop for real estate knowledge. You must know everything about your community, builder, product, lending process, escrow process, paperwork explanations, taxes, HOA’s, you name it, you should be the expert! When you can know and perform your sales work easily and smoothly it calms the buyer who is making the biggest purchase of his or her life.

Having a Positive Attitude – Here’s a good tip for daily attitude checks; Everyday when you shower, take a moment to visualize showering off any old attitudes or negativity and start your new work day positive and fresh. Another method is to read one positive sales tool each morning to start your day off with. Feed your mind with positivity and it will spread throughout your life.

Being Charming – To be charming means having the power to delight and attract people. To be a personality that is attractive to others. Words that go along with charming are delightful, amicable, attracting, appealing, pleasant, polite, charismatic, fascinating, enchanting… by now you get the picture. All of these words used in a positive manner are key personality traits of a great sales person.

Listening Skills – Active Listening is a way of listening and responding to another person that improves mutual understanding. Often when people talk to each other, they don’t listen attentively. They are often distracted, half listening, half thinking about something else. Active listening is one of the most important sales skills you should have in your artillery.

Being Passionate – Passion about who you are and what you do is contagious. Your passion about what you do, your product, and your builder should come through right away with your prospects. It is what will get them excited.

Being Genuine – People hate being sold but love to buy. You must be genuine in your approach with people. Be real. You must be genuinely interested in them and their quest for homeownership. Your genuine interest in them through asking great questions helps expose the underlying needs that the customer may otherwise not be willing to share.

Friendliness – A smile goes a long way. When you smile, the person you are talking too most always smiles back. The first steps to being friendly is having a great smile, a great meet & greet and truly being interested in people. When you are genuine, most people will take your interest in them and your questions as being “friendly”. They will remember how much “friendlier” you were over all the others they visited that day. You must be someone that others want to associate with and buy from.

By Shirleen Von Hoffmann, Homebuilder’s AdvantEdge copyright 2009
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  1. Shirleen, I love the articles, you and I think and write alike it is great! You can feel the energy some people have even when you are reading from them..

    I also do exactly what you do but in Minnesota primarily and Nationally.


  2. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks so much for the compliment I take it with the highest regard knowing your work. I got to see you at IBS this year when you spoke. I would love to talk to you privately sometime, if you have the time…my email is

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