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November 26, 2012 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »
By Shirleen Von Hoffmann Sales and Business Development Coach for Sales Team Coaches Copyright 2012

I was talking to a Client the other day and talking about their training programs that have seemed to be put on the shelves, since the market has picked up.  The Client is now meeting sales goals and busy with the details of having deals in the hopper, so that is what is discussed now at their Sales Meetings.  Deals in process and the status of those deals. Although that is important, this is amazing to me.

So if we take this picture and use a different business it would be like San Francisco Giants winning the World Series and stopping all of their training prior to starting the next season.  Can you imagine any sports team, baseball, basketball, golf; any Actor, any Doctor, any Dentist not practicing their trade and constantly honing their skills?  Can you imagine a World Series Pitcher not practicing everyday?  I can tell you they would not be at the World Series.  So why do we, in Sales, think we can relax our coaching and training programs whenever it gets busy?

Are our egos that big?

Do we really think there is nothing more to talk about than just increased Sales?  It’s my opinion that in a time of sales is WHEN you need skill-sets.

When you are winning, you have about two seconds to bask in the glory and then it’s back to figuring out ways to stay on top.  Figuring out ways to maximize your Sales People and your Sales.

Training and Coaching brings about challenge and provoking thought.  It challenges what you do each day and what you think you believe.  It challenges your everyday moves and makes you think of better ways to do business.  Training and Coaching isn’t just about getting the prospect, it’s about all of that and so much more.  There are so many steps to a sale.

Coaching and training has a role in ANY business and in all market busy or slow.  The skill-sets needed just change from market to market.

Coaching and training is the inspiration for the Sales Person who wants to be the best.  It’s the one thing that makes them think and grow.  When you grow, you become better and better, making you more and more money.  Never miss an opportunity to grow your skills and welcome the opportunities presented to you by your Manager.  It’s up to you to know what you  need to polish and practice until you have it mastered, like any other professional.

Happy Selling



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  1. Jim Edwards says:

    Shirleen, how right you are, the minute we think we have covered all there is to cover is when sales will start to decline. It is true if you are successful and keep doing everything you did to get there, you will continue to be so, but what happens the comfort zone forms and we think we are bullet proof, and don’t do all the little things like send out card, follow-up etc. If we successful.continue to pursue training and new ideas we will be reminded of things things and continue to be

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