Grow or Die trying!

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Shirleen Von Hoffmann  Owner and Sales Coach for Home Builders Edge Copyright 2012

As I went for my walk today, I noticed my weeds in the front yard had grown double this week than last.  With our recent rain and then our sunshine, they just just shot up!  Which got me thinking about growth and how everything is meant to grow OR it dies.  Once anything in nature stops growing, it dies.  As babies, toddlers, then teens we were growing by leaps and bounds.  We must remind ourselvshocked guyes as Adults to continuing growing ourselves in many different ways.  Because when we grow, we are revitalizing and rebirthing ourselves. We are getting BETTER…older but BETTER! We are born to aspire ourselves upward and be ever changing and growing.

So the first argument I get on this is time…I don’t have time to start something new…blah, blah, blah…

Here are 15 ways to help you to grow…at work…doing what you do, that won’t take any time at all. It’s fun to grow so make it fun!

  • Give up 15 minutes of TV find a new book that’s inspiring and read for just 15 minutes.
  • Make it a challenge to find out and remember more about your customer than ever before.
  • Make it a goal to get 100% visitor card capture and have lots of client personal facts on them. These little gems are the first step to really reaching them on another level your competition doesn’t.
  • Connect through networking, social media and social networking-go where your customer goes…arrive first and leave last and take lots of business cards.
  • What is your value proposition?  Do you know?  Do you make sure to let others know?
  • Engage- Think about questions you ask.  Ask engaging questions.  Definition of engaging question? A question that makes them stop and think and respond to you.  Have a dozen or so.
  • Objections-What stands behind you and the sale?  Build your objections into your presentation.
  • Buying motive is key to a sale. What is your prospects motive for buying?  Do you know?
  • Manipulation is out relationships are in…you can’t manipulate your way to a relationship…you must create value.  How are you creating value to your prospects?
  • Stay in Touch-Communicate a value message, consistently or you will lose them.
  • Follow Through & great customer service – Be the best at this, keep your word.
  • Raise the Bar on yourself – Challenge yourself to be great- Set some new standards.
  • No one wants to hear about what you have, they want help…Today people do their research before they walk in the door.  Your job is to figure out what they need and give it to them.
  • What are your buyers specific goals, do you know? Did you find that out during the visit and write it down? Follow up is so much better and easier, when you realize and touch on the needs in your prospects.
  • When the prospects leaves, ask yourself; ”Did I maximize my time with this prospect?  What could I have done better?”

These are just a few small steps to making you grow towards being the best you can be!

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