Growing Buyers Out of Traffic

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Growing Buyers= Nurturing, Watering and Tending the Soil

By ShirleenVon Hoffmann

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As the market picks up and recovers we have many Home Buyers out there who would like to buy a new home but have challenges to overcome.


Over the next few months I will begin a series of articles that address some ways Builders can do to help frustrated, confused potential Buyers overcome challenges and turn them their very own New Home Buyers.



So many potentials walking through the door, have a home to sell.  Many times when an Agent hears this, they tend to move on to the next potential who will be an easier sale and hope the home to sell potential returns to buy, after the sale of their home.  But there is more we can do here to help these resale homeowners out and make them your buyer.


Most people have no idea how to stage a home to sell.  De-cluttering and changing furniture around as well as cleaning can make or break a sale.  Most people are not decorators, so many times they don’t even know they have a problem or where to start.  Many people don’t realize you must remove personal items, including pictures, toys and paperwork.  Many don’t realize how far clean carpets, new paint, towels and comforters go.


In an effort to get around the cost of a staging professional; a great idea, that a Builder could implement is to go to Youtube, download some high quality videos that speak to staging a home, de-cluttering a home of personal items and cleaning  up the home, then load them on a DVD.  You can also put on how to, step by step articles on the same disc, have them produced in volume from a company that does this, label them, brand them and have them in the sales office, making it easy for the Agent to grab and handout.


When the Agents have a potential that says, I have a home to sell, they can simply hand them one of these DVD’s as a closing gift for the potential.  This take away gift that may cost you less than a quarter to make, could result in a sale.  This same idea can be done in email format as well, but having a gift in hand is always a better choice.  That way the emails that follow can be around progress of the staging and listing.

Here is an example of a video that could make you a sale.


Unclutter Your House
Unclutter Your House


This is a simple, inexpensive idea to help generate buyers out of your traffic and to be memorable to your clients!                     Happy Selling!!!

Stay Tuned for “I have bad credit”

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