Have you got your top 10?

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You see quite a few people each week.

It’s hard to keep up with who’s coming and who’s going but, “Do you have your top ten list of prospects this week?”  You should because these are you customers next week!  Your top ten should get the majority of your attention.

Do you know who your top ten are?

Your Top Ten should include at least 7 prospects and 3 Realtors.  Find meaningful reasons to follow up with your Top Ten.  Make sure you tell them you will follow up with this or follow up with that,  while they are present, then make sure you do it.  Make great notes about them, right away so you can follow up with meaningful subject matter.

Here’s a few examples;

You have a couple who love your home but are concerned with the schools, they have a gifted child, who plays piano, but is really gifted in tennis as well.

  • You call right away and thank them for coming in, knowing this is the right home for them.  I will follow up with a few things about this community that will help you make your decision to purchase here.
  • You follow up with a handwritten note and attach a list of private schools which specialize in the arts, in your area.
  • You email the tennis teams, clubs and private instruction in your area.
  • You follow up with another note of the music studios nearby.
  • And so on…

You have a elderly couple looking to relocate near their children.  They love golf and RV travel.

  • You call right away to let them know you are looking forward to having them be a part of your wonderful community.  You know they will fit right in.
  • You follow up with a handwritten note talking about your gated community and the security it provides.  You include a list of golf courses and memberships available in your area.
  • You follow up with an email showing them the RV groups in your area.
  • You call to offer a private showing after hours for their family to come and see your product once they get off work.
  • And so on…

Great Sales People are true Hunters.  True Hunters have the capability of knowing which prey is the good prey and which prey is a waste of time.  Think about hunting among a huge group of prey. You have to run and think quicker than your prey.  You have to be able to  zero in on the good prey and pursue them until you have them sitting before you, writing a contract.

Your top ten should get your top attention, when it comes to follow up.

  • Quality, smart follow up, via hand written notes with meaningful content that applies to each.
  • Meaningful Phone calls
  • Emails with compelling content
  • Realtor Office Visits
  • Realtor Lunches
  • Private client viewings after hours

Remember each week your Top Ten will change, grow and refine.  Make sure to stay on top of this way of thinking and you will stand out among your competition and be a Top Producer!

Always remember people don’t really care about what you have to sell.  People care about what they want and need.  It’s your job to figure out what they want and need and sell it to them!

Happy Sales!

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