Hold your opinions, lightly!

September 23, 2011 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

There is a saying “I have my opinions, but I hold them lightly.”

There is a difference between opinion and truth, and to know what we are holding as as an opinion can make us more rigid in our thinking, it can keep us from new insight and truer information.

Today, we all have some opinions with which we are guiding our time –Let’s hold them lightly.  Don’t make assumptions about what is an objection, what your prospects are thinking, your product, your pricing…none of it.    Some times our own heads can get in the way of you making a sale.  Your opinion doesn’t matter…the only thing that matters, everyday, is that you have a buyer to sell a home too.  Bring that thought to work with you everyday.   Leave all the other stuff at home!

Happy Sales

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