New Book coming for Mortgage Sales Professionals

January 9, 2017 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

The Queen of Sales has some new, exciting things happening in the new year.

She has a new book release coming up soon:  Secrets of Top Producers for Mortgage Professionals to go along with her previous release Secrets of Top Producers for New Home Sales Professionals.  There wilTPS for Mortgage book coverl be a ton of the Queen’s Sales wisdom and secret mortgage tips to insure your sustained success in the Mortgage Industry.  Her award winning past in the Real Estate world,didn’t come by accident.  There’s a very  specific plan and execution to follow that leads to success.  In this book, she shares the steps it’s going to take to put you in the top 10% of your company.  If you  follow her advise, be prepared to have the lid blown off of your business.

Here’s a little tidbit of the new release:

“To be a Top producer with longevity you have to work at it every day, all day.   A Top Producer with longevity is the “Gold” that all other Sales People admire and strive to mirror and every employer pays dearly to attain and retain.  Why?  Because having one top producer is like having a selling machine working for you.   A few top producers can be enough at times to run an entire company.  And typically, a Top Producer has smooth transactions and happy buyers because they have well thought out processes that create those successes.  It’s not luck, when it’s sustained success year after year.”

We’ll let you  know when it’s ready for release and Stay tuned for more exciting new from The Queen of Sales.

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  1. Mark Whisler says:

    You are the best!!!! I use what you taught me often by passing it along to others! Humbly, i think i owe a big part of my success in life to your teachings, help and assistance.

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