IBS International Builder Show raps it up on a high for 2012

February 11, 2012 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

It has been a great week at IBS- the International Builder Show in Orlando.  With expected attendance at 50,000 people, it was sure good to see everyone walking the floors and attending the seminars.  And guess what, you really do see Builders and Sales People from all over the world.

The Sales Seminars were abundant and GREAT, performed by top notch sales pros from across the nation.  You could find the latest tech tools, sales skills, marketing tools, website tips, blogging tips, Ipad tricks, you name it, Sales Central had a session on it.  It’s all about making you better at what you do!

I had a great seminar with Mike Lyon and Scott Stroud on Maximizing the traffic you do have…and the room was filled to the rafters and we gave Builders and Sales Pros 100 new things to think about!

There was no negativity, no doom and gloom, in fact bad markets weren’t even mentioned.  There was definitely hope in the air, plenty of great speakers, vendors and great parties at night! The Sales Rally had plenty of new talent including real producers as well as inspirational speakers.

So if the aura at IBS 2012 is a sign of good times ahead, I say, ” Bring it on, we are ready for the next step!”

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