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August 12, 2009 by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Leave a reply »

Magic wandIf you could wave a magic wand

and be instantly better…what is the one thing in sales

that you would wish you were better at?

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  1. Stephanie Pearl says:

    Gosh, I struggle with two things…
    Closing and asking questions correctly. I wish I was better at both of those things.

  2. Larry Johnson says:


    I wish I was better with my presentation skills. I am shy and clam up when I am in the spot light.

    Got any suggestions?

  3. Larry,

    I would go to some toastmasters classes and first get over your fear of speaking and being in the spot light. Once you have mastered that you can start working on your presentation and it should be easy from there.

    Happy Sales!

  4. Stephanie,

    All is can tell you is that you must ask open ended questions. In order to do that you must write them down in script form and practice them until them become routine for you. Open ended questions are exactly that, they ask in a manner than can only be answered with sentences, not Yes or No. For instance you can say, Tell me about the things you are looking for in a home? With this question they have to answer you with a sentence of information, yes or no won’t work.

    My last piece of advise is this, if you close them along the way with room closes and plan closes you final close statements will be much more natural and easy. You must close to get the sale so get busy practicing.

    Happy Sales and have fun with this practice, when it works it will be worth it!

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