Make Your Sales Meetings M-A-T-T-E-R?

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Written by Shirleen Von Hoffmann Sales Coach and President of Home Builders AdvantEdge and Creating Vips

For as long as I can remember, in my entire professional Sales Career which spans over a period of twenty five years, I could count the memorable sales meetings on one hand. By memorable I mean meetings that really mattered to me.Classroom happy

Most Sales Meetings start with product and status updates, some chat about what is going on in the market place and possibly end with some sales game or the lower producers getting reprimanded in front of their peer group, due to poor sales. Not a real good way to motivate your teams.

When you have a Sales Meeting hopefully you visualize and execute it as a time to inspire, encourage and support your Sales Teams because I can tell you from years of experience that is what they need. Unfortunately very few Sales Meetings really MATTER to Sales People. Why? Because they don’t get what they need. They don’t get anything to take away. They don’t learn anything new.

Sales People are good, no they are great! They are like no other employee in your organization. They require specials skills and special handling but you are rewarded greatly when you have really great ones working for you. You have to be a great Manager to challenge them and develop their skill sets. Relative, information that they can take back to the field and use in their everyday routines IS what they need. They like it when you teach them how to handle situations that they are challenged with. For instance most new home Sales People are challenged with moving Fence Sitters and would welcome a meeting that shows them techniques for moving fence sitters or overcoming objections or how to ask the right questions and especially closing techniques.

So if you want to make your Sales Meetings Matter and your Sales Teams Matter, Just follow our M-A-T-T-E-R technique and you will see your Sales People turning on in your meetings in no time.

M – Mold
Mold the Sales skills you want to see from your Sales People. Making it known what your expectations are first, then support those expectations with training and coaching and behaviors learned will make your Sales People winners. Make sure you leave at least twenty minutes each meeting dedicated to molding new skills and mindsets.
A – Action Items
Make sure each meeting has action items “Homework” they can take away and work on. Make sure you start each new meeting off with review of the action items you discussed in the previous meeting and how it changed their Sales process over the last week.
T – Time
If you have read my article on Sales and ADHD you know that 80% of sales people have some form of ADHD. Make your meetings timely meaning within an hour if you can, interesting and engaging. Keep their attention with current information, meaningful topics and discussion they can benefit from.
T – Trends
Make sure you information in the meeting is the latest in the industry and addresses current trends. Sales People always need support with what is going on in their sales offices TODAY.
E – Energized
There is nothing worse than having to attend meetings with no energy. You leave feeling like you got the life sucked out of you. When your meetings have no energy you send your Sales People away with no energy. One way to keep energy up is to include your Sales People in your meeting. Engage them, ask their opinion, especially include your Top Sellers, it keeps them involved in the conversation and connected to your meeting instead of daydreaming about what they could be getting done back at their offices.
R – Role Play
Sales People need to perform actions over and over in order to make good habits part of their sales routine. Role play and takeaways are the best way to insure that they practice what you have talked about and it gives you a reason for follow up Help them take information you give them and turn it into reality. Role Play also provides a chance for the peer group to learn from each other and can really add a fun spin to your meetings. Practice makes perfect!

You owe it to your Sales Teams to be the best Manager you can be. I can assure you Sales People want to MATTER, they want to learn and they look to you to accomplish both of these goals. So challenge them with interesting, timely meetings where they can take away techniques and then just watch your Sales jump to levels that really MATTER! Happy Sales!

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