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By Shirleen Von Hoffmann Sales Coach and President of Home Builders Edge® and Vortex Sales Solutions ® ©2012

“Staying motivated in a down market can be challenging.”

Let’s start with the down market thing.
Always remember the saying, “There is money to be made in every market” and I will add to that, it’s just a matter if YOU are the one making the money. Top producers don’t really have down markets and they don’t acknowledge there is a down market. They stay busy doing what they do and miraculously they continue to thrive. They don’t like to admit to down markets because that is like admitting to defeat. They acknowledge the market may be slower than usual but it doesn’t really seem to interrupt their continued progress. So let’s just say, they never AGREE to a “DOWN MARKET” and therefore in their mindset, it’s business as usual.

Staying Motivated
Okay now that we have the down market thing out of the way, let’s talk about staying motivated. Sales People are self-motivated, self-driven, self-taught and self-employed. When you are down, YOU are the one to pick yourself right back up and get back to business. There are many ways to stay motivated but here are just a few that will help…

1. Never buy into down market sagas from others…move forward while they whine.
2. Continuously motivate yourself toward your goals.
3. Pump yourself up with positive self-talk.
4. Have a plan of attack, prepared, everyday, to fill your day.
5. Your plan should include prospecting, learning new skills, follow up.
6. Try to practice and perfect one piece of your sales routine each day.
7. Change yourself up quite often. Don’t get stuck in routines, their boring and make you boring.
8. After every prospect encounter ask, “Did I do the best I could with that prospect?”
9. After every prospect encounter ask, “How could I have done that better?”
10. After every prospect encounter ask, “Did I move the sale forward?”
11. After every prospect encounter ask, “Did I find reasons to follow up?”
12. After every prospect encounter ask, “Did I close?”

And don’t forget to pat yourself on the back and recognize your achievements in these areas. Sometimes your boss won’t know all of the things you are doing to be great in the background, but they will see it from your sales progress!

Happy Sales!

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