Preparing for the Downside

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One of my hero’s Richard Branson said recently his best advice came from his Head Master at college when he dropped out.  He told him, “You’ll either go to jail or become a millionaire”.   Richard knew at that point which it would be and that statement just pushed him that much more towards his destiny.  In his mind and heart, he knew his calling and he had prepared for the downside of starting a new business as an entrepreneur and leaving school.

When I was 20 years old, I made a leap from being on a salary, processing home loans to becoming a Loan Officer and going completely on commission. I was single, with only my income to support myself and scared to death. I saved six months, worth of bills and made the leap. I prepared for the downside. Fortunately for me there never was one and I never looked back. Not once.

As a Sales Person I believe you must prepare all of the time, for all kinds of things…presentations, time, meetings and you must also prepare for the downside of things. All aspects in business can have a downside, so just be ready for it. When you prepare, it gives you confidence and focus. The worry doesn’t play into your strategy anymore. Worry inhibits your success.

You want to make a transition, you want to try something new, it may be you want to work with Home Builders and you never have. My advice; prepare for the downside and go for it. It may take 6 months or a year to transition your business but if know that in advance and prepare financially, it releases you to enter into your desire with all of your forward thinking energy. There is none of the financial worry that can occur, that will actually hold you back from your dream, when you prepare for the downside.

In other words before you get ready to jump, make sure you have the rope anchored well, that will give you the confidence to jump in with all of your heart. No worries about falling will inhibit your success or the journey because after all, it should be fun to jump.

Take the jump! Happy Selling


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