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By Shirleen Von Hoffmann President and Sales Coach Creating VIP’s and Homebuilders AdvantEdge  Copyright 2010

People are at the centric of your business. Not much can happen without them. Most businesses have external people (customers) and internal people (employees).  It’s a real balancing act but companies who figure out how to have happy employees and happy clients, usually figure out what the success recipe is made of!

The sooner you realize you are in the People business, no matter what business you are in, the quicker you will be able to mix your recipe for success.

Too often, especially during tough market conditions, companies fail to see the value of internal customers (employees) and they are the first to be affected.  Companies adjust to market conditions with layoffs, cutbacks in benefits, wages, reduction of hours, overtime and the little rewards so many employees enjoy. I know from owning my business, you may have the phone and the internet but unless you have the passion behind the scenes from my employees, selling my goods, running my operations, managing my overhead and most of all, helping my clients.  When any of these things are not carefully handled, it can lead a company to complete failure.  Company leadership must always remember that happy, loyal, employees impact their business in a positive way and make sure to nurture that.  It’s like a recipe for success…1 cup of happy employees, add 2 cups of customer, add good products and you have a winner!

As I coach employees and business owners around the country, I hear the same messages. The owners are saying, “I’m paying my people too much.” And the employees are saying, “I am not getting the support, respect, or resources I need to help me succeed.”

Now, let us not forget our almighty golden goose.  Once you have happy employees, they will make your customers happy.  Creating an environment for success cannot happen without taking great care of your customers and giving the great service.  Who delivers that service?  Your employees!

Here are five things all business owners should make sure they have in place for their Employees to have winning attitudes.

  1. Compensation: Establish a reasonable, fair, attainable, dependable pay structure.
  2. Reward Systems: Create a fair, achievable system for gauging quotas and benchmarks. The end result should be a program that your employees can easily understand and follow so they can monitor their own performance.
  3. Training: Owners should constantly be looking for opportunity to train and hone the skills of the employees.  It’s not only a cost of doing business but is the best expense you can be spending. From Sales to Operations, training and providing great customer service should always be a priority of training programs.
  4. Respect: Employees should always be treated with respect and with the highest regard.  They are the internal VIP’s that handle your external VIP’s!
  5. Mentors and Leadership: It is essential to have mentor Manager’s who have the trust of the team and support them in the background.  Having strong, reliable Owners/ Leadership who honor their word and value their employees, is key.

Business Owners and Corporations, who realize the success of the Company depends on the Employees, make sure to create a great environment for them to work in.   They should have no doubt that when they have a solid team of happy employees with a working environment that is positive, supportive, with honesty and accountability the business will grow at a great pace, and everyone will feel that they are working for a successful growing company, no matter what the market conditions.

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2 Responses

  1. Del Barbray says:

    Good afternoon, Shirleen
    You make some very good points in your article pertaining to employee satisfaction and how this helps in the success of a company.
    I agree with you that if the employees are happy working for the company then they will help make the customers happy and satisfied which in turn should result in sales and profit for the company which is the ultimate goal of every company in business today.

    I am a firm believer in training and sometimes a company just can’t afford to provide training on a regular basis for its employees because of budget restraints so when this happens, I feel that every employee that can afford to get training on their own should get the training so that they become more valuable to the company. I for one don’t wait for the company that I am working for to train me since I believe that I am ultimately responsible for educating and training myself about the industry I am working in which happens to be the home building industry so i am going to take as many classes as i can and attend seminars and workshops when i can so that I learn whatever I can so I become better at my job and more valuable to my employer.

    It is a team effort and every employee must do what they can to get training and education so that the company is successful in today’s market.

    Thank you for sharing your article today.
    You do a GREAT job.
    Del Barbray

  2. So glad you enjoyed the article Del. thanks for your comments.

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