Sales Coaching from the Queen

Most Mortgage Sales Coaches have never had any lending experience?

Here is an opportunity for you to hire a Top Producer and learn from the best!

Large-15870_25024C00-3Shirleen Von Hoffmann

The Queen of Sales”

 Certified Sales Coach, MIRM, CMP, CSP & Broker


Deciding to compete at the highest levels requires you to choose to work with a Mortgage Sales Coach like The Queen of Sales!

You can go anywhere to get mortgage training, but you won’t get the inner secrets that only a Top Producer, like Shirleen Von Hoffmann knows.  She knows the secrets because she has learned, mastered and sustained the fine art of high production Builder, for over 35 years.  She was a Top Producer for over 30 years doing pure, high volume, Builder Business earning awards year after year.  She will guide you on the path to over 100 loans a month, only because she has done that volume consistently in her career.  She will take you down the road to be wildly successful and cover every aspect that you need to become a huge Mortgage Machine.  Working at high volume is rare and there are some real tricks and secrets. Working with the Queen, you will get those secrets handed to you on a silver platter. Here’s a cool thing to know; Whatever you learn about Builders, you can apply to Realtors!DSCN2176

Getting a Builder can be intimidating, complicated and comes with expertise and persistence; and once gotten, there are many systems that must be in place to handle the superior services levels and volume.   It is a fine art and one that comes from a Coach who successfully produced over a billion dollars in  builder business and has 35 years of systems to share with you. 

The Queen of Sales knows lending and Builders at a high level.  She is a regular speaker at the International Builder Show and a consult to Builders and Sales Coach to their Sales Teams. She has credentials no other Lender or Coach has from the National Association of Home Builders.  What other Mortgage Sales Coach can tell you that?

Why Coaching is Essential to Success?  Mortgage Professionals are a unique group of Sales People.  They need to be proficient at many different elements. They must be good at Sales, Marketing, Account Acquisition,  Finance, Organization and Execution. I know from experience, most Managers are overloaded with problems and reports and don’t have the time or expertise to Coach you to Greatness.

Coaching Packages Include:

  • Private Consult One on one 12 session minimum-covering your top 3 weaknesses  (Only available to approved applicants)
  • Builder Certification Online Group Coaching: 6 sessions on topics you will need to master in order to do Builder business.
  • Builder Pro: 12 Sessions for Builder Account Managers in an Online Group for a deeper dive into topics for large volume Originators.
  • Big Builder: 24 Sessions, Ongoing Focused Builder Secrets, Growth & Greatness Maintenance (Class space limited to 15)
  • Team Builder: Corporate Group Coaching for Builder Certification.

For a Coaching or Consulting Application email:


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