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By Shirleen Von Hoffmann President and Sales Coach Homebuilders AdvantEdge and Creating VIP’s copyright 2010

Selling in the moment means staying in the moment while you are selling and not going off into a checklist of things you should be doing instead of selling.  Here is the bottom line; there is nothing more important than the person standing in front of you.  They are “live”, they bothered to find you and drive to your community, so they must have a compelling reason for being there.  That reason is for you to sell them.

By giving the prospect all of your attention you will, in turn, win the prospect’s undivided attention.  You also show the prospect the respect they deserve and honor the fact that they came out to visit you and your community.

When you get distracted during a sales call you will distract your prospect and your sales routine.  If you start thinking about what other duties you should be doing, or what call you should be making or what paperwork needs to be prepared, you may miss buying signals and great conversation that will be taking place with the “golden goose” you have in front of you.  With traffic counts being so low, you have to make every piece of traffic count, it is what is most important.

It is proven that the average sales person actually sells for less than five hours a week.  The rest of the time you are busy doing all of your “other” duties.  So if you spend so little time actually selling, then it is very important that you make every second count.  By giving the prospect your full attention, you are more likely to ask great questions, get great answers, build rapport, show the models, trial close and stand out among your competition.  Always remember for every 30 minutes with a prospect you increase your chance of a sale by 35%, so spend lots of time with them.  In addition, do not forget, to take notes documenting all of the great things you learned about your prospect so you can smartly follow up with them once they have left.

So it works like this…

  1. Give the prospect your full attention so you get to know them and their needs,
  2. Make notes about them and their needs,
  3. Then sell them what they need.

It’s that simple, easy as 1-2-3!

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10 Responses

  1. S. Robert August says:

    Dear Shirleen:
    Wonderful material that every salesperson should take note and read.
    Keep writing and sharing your thoughts and insights.
    We are all better for having read your material.
    Shirleen,the sales opportunity will increase by more than 35% when a sales person spends more than the 30 minutes referred. The more time invested with a buyer, the more that the buyer has less time to shop elsewhere and to appreciate the sales person who invests time with the buyer. Therefore, the sale will become easier as behavioral scientists note.
    ONwards and UPwards!

  2. Susan Kramer Pope says:

    Right on Shirleen. Love what you contribute.

    We are kindred spirits at heart. Connection and true clear presence allows for all we need to build a long lasting network of relationships in all parts of our life. My feeling is that our work is to master true presence. Our first step is to notice when we are NOT present. It is only in that moment of noticing that we are in our heads or distracted by either external things or internal concerns, that we can choose to be truly present and give our full clear attention… to make the choice to unhook from our own agenda and return our uncluttered ‘beingness’, or not. Otherwise, we are in a default mode, reacting to the situation instead of truly being with the person in front of us. That first step, giving others our full attention without our internal strategies and mechanisms is a life long practice that yields miracles in all relationships.

    This is no small endeavor, yet its the one that continues to bring transformation and miracles in my life with others. I cannot recommend it enough!

    Susan Kramer-Pope

  3. Robert,

    I am so glad you enjoy my articles. I will keep on sharing as long as I can help Sales People be better at what they do!

    Thanks for your positive words as always!

    Happy Sales!


  4. Susan,

    I am so glad you enjoy my articles. Thanks so much for the positive comments and feedback. I really is nice to get.

    Happy Sales


  5. Bob Welch says:

    Those are great ideas and tips.
    I recently worked with a gentleman that was about 30 seconds away from closing a sale when he recieved a text message on the Blackberry. He actually stopped and replied to the text while talking to the client. I told him you should never do that and I considered it rude but he said in this day and age everyone understands that kind of thing. I think he is wrong. I may be old school but I feel I can get my text messages anytime, not when I have the opportunity to sell staring me in the face.

    Bob Welch

  6. S. Robert August says:

    Dear Shirleen and Bob:
    You are both spot on the money.
    There is nothing more important in the business world than the customer who is standing and learning with and from you.
    There is no excuse for rudeness. The customer deserves maximum attention.
    Shirleen, if the average sales person is only selling five hours a week, we need to hire new salespeople. There are a host of sales tasks that every salesperson can do when he or she is not with a customer at the time. These sales realted tasks will ensure that the salesperson remain sharp as a ‘tack’ and ready to spring in to action when a ‘liveone’ walks in to the sales environment.
    ONwards and UPwards!

  7. Bob, I couldn’t agree more. One of my pet peeve’s is when I am “in person” and I have to wait while a sales person answers the phone or does anything else that interrupts a sale, while I am standing there ready, willing and able. I think the Sales Person you were talking to is dead wrong. There is always time to answer the blackberry once you are gone.

    Thanks for the feedback


  8. Robert that is the average time a Sales Person actually gets to “really sell” in a week and is on average. Being a Sales Person I would say that number is probably true on average. You spend a ton of time prospecting a sale, marketing, paperwork, maintaining sales. Your selling opportunity is quite short compared to all the work you have to do to get someone to be in front of you.

    As always, thanks for your feedback.


  9. Bill Borchert says:

    You should always give your prospect you full attenttion at all times, without them you have nothing. Leave your cell phone in the car, that way you can’t be intrupted. Most of the time you get one chance to make the sell, so make the most of it the first time.
    Bill Borchert

  10. Del Barbary says:

    Excellent blog, Shirleen
    There is nothing more important than the prospect that is standing before you in your sales office so it is very important that you as a sales person, don’t let the telephone, cell telephone, reports, , email, etc. interrupt your sales time with the prospect. A sales person will only be able to help a prospect solve their problem if and only if the sales person asks the right questions to discover and understand what the prospect’s problems are that the prospect is trying to solve.

    You as a sales person need to “tune the world out” and “tune into your prospect” in order to sell successfully.
    Thank you.

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